2012 SMC Conference: “Entering a New Age of Materials and New Markets”

2012 SMC Conference: “Entering a New Age of Materials and New Markets”

By Jeff Anderson, Eminess Technologies; chairman, 2012 SMC Conference

On October 23-24, 2012, the CGMG committee of SEMI will present the 2012 SMC (Strategic Materials Conference) at SEMI’s headquarters in San Jose, California.  The Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) has long been known as THE global conference for strategic materials issues for materials community within SEMI. 

SMC 2012 imageIn 2012, we are re-launching this conference at a new time and location to help provide the focus and accessibility for everyone in our materials community.  Long held in conjunction with the annual ISS conference in Half Moon Bay in January, this conference has been re-positioned to provide a greater level of focus on the growth and reach of our materials into new markets and applications we never would have dreamed possible.  The 2012 Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) will be the only conference dedicated to exploring the synergies, trends and business opportunities in advanced electronic materials.

The theme of the conference is “Entering a New Age of Materials and New Markets.”  It’s clear that there are more opportunities and market segments than ever for materials suppliers to engage in while continuing to support our traditional Semiconductor scaling challenges.  In light of these opportunities, the 2012 SMC committee has put together an exciting agenda for this conference with a focus on the increasingly accelerated developments in material sciences and applications that are occurring in semiconductors, LEDs, PV, printed electronics, and power devices. 

All of these markets present new opportunities in cost reduction and performance enhancement.  Many of these developments and trends in one industry are applicable to other industries, creating potential valuable synergies across the micro and nano electronic materials spectrum.  With presentations by leading market analysts (Pangaea Ventures, Intel Capital, Displaybank, Techcet and Linx Consulting), academic researchers (UCLA), industry consortiums (U.S. Geological), leading manufacturers (Micron, IBM, Intel, International Rectifier, Bridgelux, Angstrom and others) and top suppliers, the 2012 SMC will serve as a valuable forecasting tool and accelerator for advanced materials usage in the electronics industry. 

A copy of the current conference agenda, speakers, format and registration information can be found on SEMI’s website at www.semi.org/smc

The 2012 SMC committee is proud and excited to present this conference.  The world is an ever changing place and making the right decision for our companies’ future success is becoming more challenging than ever.  The 2012 SMC conference will be a resource for these key decisions, a great place to network with current friends and make new ones and will help set a foundation for future growth.

Please join us in San Jose in October.  You’ll be glad you did.

Jeffrey B. Anderson
Chairman – 2012 SMC Conference