Docking and Mounting Generic Terminology Guidelines Now Available

Docking and Mounting Generic Terminology Guidelines Now Available

The “SEMI Docking and Mounting Generic Terminology Guidelines” document is now available.  This comprehensive guideline, created by the Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST) Docking and Mounting Working Group, defines the common and generic terminology for all components that are typically found in a standard test cell set-up in final package test including perspectives, orientations and directions. Clear terms and specific illustrations are incorporated to aid in terminology understanding. The guideline specifics include: test head manipulator, docking interface and test handler. A detailed table of contents within the PDF is provided for quick page referencing.

The CAST Docking and Mounting Working Group manual can be downloaded in PDF format from our website:

About CAST

The CAST group is a membership group formed by semiconductor device makers and test industry suppliers to engage in and resolve common industry issues related to higher test equipment utilization, lower costs, and great return on investment.  CAST joined SEMI as a Special Interest group in 2009 and provides its members with the opportunity to form the future of semiconductor test through partnership with the entire industry.

SEMI works with CAST to develop, coordinate and direct its services for the semiconductor test community. CAST activities focus on four main areas:

  • Foster pre-competitive collaboration
  • Research, develop and promote standards that enable industry productivity improvement
  • Perform pre-competitive benchmarks
  • Act as a representative and an advocate for the members.

Current members are leaders from a range of industries, including: automated test equipment (ATE), integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies.

Parties interested in joining the SEMI Special Interest Group should consult the CAST Charter and Bylaws and the CAST Membership Application.

Download the Docking and Mounting Terminology Guidelines here:

July 2, 2012