SEMI PV Test Methods for Feedstock Materials, Bricks, and Wafer Workshop Proceedings 2012

SEMI® International Standards Program

SEMI Photovoltaic Test Methods for Feedstock Materials, Bricks, and Wafer Workshop Proceedings

InterSolar Europe 2012 , Munich, Germany

Thursday, June 14, 2012.

 Instructions:  Click on top of each title to download pdf file for each presentation.  To download all presentations, click HERE (Zip file) 16,543 KB
Session 1: Test Methods for Silicon Feedstock Materials and IngotsSession Chair: R. Hockett, EAG
Limitation of Solar Cell Efficiency by Oxygen and Metal ImpuritiesK. Bothe, Institute for Solar Energy Research
Use of SEMI PV1 in the PV Industry: Strengths and WeaknessesK. Putyera, EAG
Use of SEMI PV25 in the PV Industry: Strengths and WeaknessesL. Wang, EAG
ICP-MSH. Gotts, Air Liquide
 SEMI PV10 and its Application P. Wagner
Session 2: Test Methods for Silicon Bricks and WafersSession Chair: H. Aulich
Advanced in-line characterization and sorting of crystalline silicon photovoltaic wafersTh. Jaehrling, Semilab
Comparison of RF-PCD and MW-PCD Lifetime Measurements on Silicon Wafers and BricksK. Lauer, CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik und Photovoltaik
A Technical Comparison of the Five SEMI Standard Documents on LifetimeR. Sinton, Sinton Instruments
Characterization and Qualitative Assessment of Silicon Wafers by Photoluminescence Imaging at Room TemperatureB. Birkmann, Schott Solar Wafer GmbH
SEMI Test Methods under DevelopmentP. Wagner
In-line Characterization of Photovoltaic WafersK. Herrmann, Hennecke Systems
Certified Reference Materials: Status and NeedsJ.-T. Håkedal, Elkem Solar

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