Don’t Miss the Future

Don’t Miss the Future

By Karen Savala, president, SEMI Americas

The critical path for the future runs right through San Francisco in July.  Once again, SEMICON West sets the stage as the place where important decisions are made and agreements reached in our industry. This year, there have never been more difficult choices and more complex uncertainties. To meet the current and next-generation challenges, leaders in sub-22nm process development, 3D IC packaging, 450 mm tools, and other areas of technical investment will meet, learn, collaborate and decide among suppliers, technologies and research options at SEMICON West.  The ITRS meetings, SEMI standards activities, over new 100 product announcements, and the many company-specific product roadmap discussions will, collectively and synergistically, shape the agenda for our industry for many years to come.

SEMICON West continues to be the unrivaled focal point for the latest information on technology developments and directions, which will be reviewed in the TechXPOTs, industry meetings, and industry forums like the ITRS. On the TechXPOT stages, the latest developments in <22nm process development, lithography and 3D-IC will be featured.  Each of these sessions will feature industry leaders providing the latest information and opinion on where Moore’s Law is headed.  Breaking news on the big topics will be heard from influential executives like Shekhar Borkar and Yan Borodovsky from Intel; Raj Jammy and Steve Wurm from SEMATECH, Aaron Thean from imec, and many more.  Leading fabless companies such as Qualcomm, TI, Xilinx and Altera will share their views on the industry, as well as the top packaging and test houses.  Top equipment and materials suppliers — and emerging technology companies — will also provide their perspectives.

And not just leading-edge wafer processing topics will be addressed at SEMICON West.  Secondary equipment, 200 mm solutions, packaging and test cost reduction, new developments in materials and materials management, and green manufacturing will be addressed on the TechXPOT stages.

In addition to TechXPOTS, keynotes and standards meetings, SEMICON West will also feature many partner events where ideas are shared and deals get accelerated.  Imec will hold their Technology Forum and Gartner their Market Symposium on Monday, July 9; IEEE’s Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT) will hold a packaging workshop on Tuesday, July 10; Sokudo will hold their annual Lithography breakfast and the FlexTech Alliance will feature on workshop on metal oxide TFT devices on Wednesday, July 11.  SEMI and IEEE will hold another Test Vision Conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and the ITRS will hold their annual public meeting on Thursday.

Definition about where the industry will grow and what solutions, technologies and products will win —will be significantly affected by this unique compilation of information resources, networking, meetings and assessments.

To benefit you must participate.  Of the 31,000+ in attendance at SEMICON West, approximately 20 percent are in R&D and design engineering making key, long-term decisions on platforms and subsystems; over 80 percent specify, recommend and approve key purchases.  Nearly 15 percent of attendees are from non-U.S. locations.  New vendor evaluations and the formal purchasing cycle of many IDMs and OEMs integrate SEMICON West into their process.  Last year, 70 percent of the attendees said that West impacted their purchases. 

Of particular significance this year will be the 450 mm Supply Chain forum on Thursday, July 12. The transition to 450mm wafer manufacturing has moved into the design, prototype and delivery stage representing significant opportunity for component and subsystem suppliers.  Wafer processing tools will undergo a ground-up redesign requiring new technologies and components and even rethinking basic material handling, instrumentation, metrology approaches.  The entire design and purchasing ecosystem in our industry is looking for solutions and innovations in next-gen 450 tools and systems.

To get the most out of our premier industry event requires you to participate on multiple levels: as an exhibitor, as a buyer or seller, as a Standards contributor, as a colleague, and collaborator.  This year will be the most multifaceted SEMICON West in history so plan your week well. 

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 June 5, 2012