Commercializing KETS: Let’s Build Momentum Now

Commercializing KETS: Let’s Build Momentum Now

By Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe

flagVirtually everyone in our industry in Europe is now familiar with the European Commission’s concept of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).  It is common knowledge that the European Union faces growing and overwhelming global competition from both developed and emerging economies. But just knowing about KETs and being concerned is not enough. To secure the future now, and for generations to come, we must strategize.

That’s why I want to talk to you about the upcoming 6th SEMI Brussels Forum, which takes place on May 22. The forum will focus on two issues: the challenges in the commercialization of key enabling technologies and speeding the implementation of the recommendations made by the EC’s High Level Expert Group (HLG).   With the European Commission’s KET recommendations now published, work needs to focus on implementation. We need concrete measures put in place, as quickly as possible, for Europe to remain an innovative and competitive manufacturing region.

The SEMI Brussels Forum has an impressive record and extraordinary support— with over 60 companies and 23 associations (representing industrial companies, the engineering sector, European regions, and EU programs) supporting it. The forum typically gathers 200 policy influencers (half representatives from the EC and EU and half leaders and decision makers representing the various stakeholders from the semiconductor, photovoltaic and related industries). Participants represent 20 countries.

We know that critical mass of advanced manufacturing and pilot-lines are indispensable to keep R&D going in Europe and to create and retain high-quality jobs here. Our long-term ability to innovate and compete in the global economy depends on co-locating manufacturing and related R&D activities in Europe competitively, along with a strong supply chain of equipment materials and services.

Brussels Forum is an event that matters…Join us as we tackle critical questions like: what funding is needed to grow KET development in Europe?  How will different EU funding programs and instruments come together to move KET from R&D to full commercialization?   What are the most critical HLG recommendations in need of implementation?

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May 3, 2012