SEMICON Europa Standards Meetings and Workshop 2012

SEMICON Europa 2012 Technical Standards Meetings and Workshop in Dresden, Germany

Note: Registration for SEMICON Europa is separate and required to attend those meetings. Attending the exposition is free if you pre-register no later than 8 October. Beginning 9 October, the Visitor registration fee is 25 EURO (plus VAT 19%).

The SEMI Europe Standards Meetings and Workshop will take place on October 8-11 at Messe Dresden in Germany in conjunction with SEMICON Europa

Standards meetings to be held at Messe Dresden:

  • Compound Semiconductor Materials (Agenda)   
  • Equipment Automation (Agenda) 
  • Environmental Health & Safety (Agendas)  
  • Gas and Liquid Chemicals (Agenda  
  • HB-LED Automation (Agenda) 
  • HB LED Workshop (Agenda)
  • Silicon Wafer (Agendas
  • Photovoltaic Materials (Agendas)
  • Photovoltaic Automation (Agendas)
  • ERSC (By Invitation Only) (Agenda)


Standards draft meeting schedule

Download detailed meeting schedule (PDF) (updated Oct 1, 2012)

Standards Contact Information:

Yann Guillou
SEMI Grenoble Office
Phone: +33 4 3878 3971

James Amano
Director, SEMI International Standards
Phone: +1.408.943.7977