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About SMC

This year’s theme is Scaling Challenges:  The Future of Materials and Packaging.

Traditional device scaling has become a challenging technical problem that is accepted by an ever smaller group of companies.  Process and device architecture innovations continue to deliver device density improvements, but are threatening to slow the pace of scaling, and come at prices that risk upsetting the continued reduction of silicon transistor costs with each node.

Productivity gains, process improvements, and materials innovation have mitigated scaling costs, and are now being combined with novel device packaging approaches to offer continued functionality to users in all market segments.

SMC 2016 will take a broad look at what is driving the demand for new materials and how material suppliers are being impacted by the value chain it serves and how this affects scaling challenges for the future of Materals and Packaging.  SMC is also a great way to network with Industry leaders in the Microelectronics Ecosystem.

2016 Topics:   

  1. Economic and Market Trends, Forecast and Outlook
  2. View from Wall Street
  3. Future of Moore's Law
  4. Advanced Packaging
  5. Encounters of a 3D Kind
  6. Disruptive Trends and Opportunities for New Materials
  7. Contamination and Metrology Challenges
  8. Executive Panel - A View from the Fabs

2016 Keynote Speakers:                                           

Dr. John Hu
Director of Advanced Technology
Nvidia Corporation


Ingrid (Ying) Shi

Ingrid Y. Shi
Secretary-General, ICMTIA, China
The Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovative Alliance

Anton DeVilliers

Dr. Anton DeVilliers
Sr. Technologist Lithography
Tokyo Electron America

Highlights from 2015

SMC 2015 Participating Companies
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SMC has provided valuable information and networking opportunities to materials and electronics industry professionals since 1995.

SMC 2015 builds on that legacy, expanding the reach and focus of the conference to examine advanced electronics materials for the semiconductor and adjacent industries.


Tuesday and Wednesday
September 20–21, 2016


Computer History Museum
1401 N. Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043


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          Event Contact:

Lin Tso
SEMI, Sr. Programs Manager
3081 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone:  1-408-943-7920


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