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The Strategic Materials Conference (SMC 2016), focusing on “Scaling Challenges: The Future of Materials and Packaging,” will be held September 20 and 21, 2016 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif.  The annual two-day SEMI conference brings together key players from the semiconductor industry ecosystem to share insights on the latest developments in advanced materials.

SMC 2016 will delve into what’s driving demand for new materials and packaging and discuss how suppliers are responding to problems posed by existing scaling limitations.

Productivity gains, process improvements, and materials innovation are being combined with novel device packaging approaches. Presentations from representatives of NVIDIA, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Intel Corporation, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, ICMTIA China, Micron Technology, Tokyo Electron America, Bank of America, Qualcomm Research, STATS ChipPAC, Xilinx and many other industry leaders will discuss trends and opportunities. Professionals interested in industry innovation and business success are encouraged to attend. The sessions include:

  • Economic & Market Trends: Industry and Wall Street experts will present findings on trends in materials, equipment, production, and emerging applications.
  • Future of Moore’s Law and Encounters of a 3D Kind: Will 2D CMOS scaling pace Moore’s Law or will new 3D options be the pathway to keep on track?
  • Disruptive Trends and Opportunities for New Materials: Demand for PCs, tablets, and smartphones is slowing. How quickly will new market segments such as IoT, Smart Cars (Automotive Electronics), and wearable devices drive demand for new materials?
  • Advanced Packaging: Advanced packaging extends the scaling of advanced devices. As a result, competitors are introducing an array of new proprietary packaging technologies and designs.  Innovation in packaging materials is working hard to keep pace.
  • Contamination and Metrology Challenges: Devices are increasingly sensitive to contaminants, making detection, identification, and control a focal point in fab operations and the supply chain. How will the industry address contamination control issues at advanced technology nodes?
  • Strategic Materials Challenges from the Fab Perspective: Facing flat growth, cost sensitivity, and consolidation, the industry must now focus on next materials needs, supply chain issues, and building collaborative, win-win relationships between manufacturers and suppliers.

The Strategic Materials Conference provides comprehensive in-depth content and unprecedented networking opportunities for professionals who share common strategic objectives for the extended electronics ecosystem.

2016 Keynote Speakers:  

Ingrid (Ying) ShiAnton DeVilliers
Dr. John Hu
Director of Advanced Technology
Nvidia Corporation
Ingrid Y. Shi
Secretary-General, ICMTIA, China
The Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovative Alliance
Dr. Anton DeVilliers
Sr. Technologist Lithography
Tokyo Electron America

SMC has provided valuable information and networking opportunities to materials and electronics industry professionals since 1995.

SMC 2015 builds on that legacy, expanding the reach and focus of the conference to examine advanced electronics materials for the semiconductor and adjacent industries.


Tuesday and Wednesday
September 20–21, 2016


Computer History Museum
1401 N. Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043


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          Event Contact:

Lin Tso
SEMI, Sr. Programs Manager
3081 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone:  1-408-943-7920


Sponsorship opportunities for this event are available.  To become a sponsor, contact Shane Poblete at or 1.202.847.5983