Full Speed Ahead: Regional Programs Thrive

Full Speed Ahead: Regional Programs Thrive

By Karen Savala, president, SEMI Americas

Six months ago, I wrote about my vision for the regions in North America. Today, I want to report major progress on that front. The regions’ subcommittees, working with SEMI staff, have worked tirelessly to reinvent themselves since October. The focus has been on re-launching industry steering committees and programs to create opportunities for collaboration and networking, and to draw attention to the critical issues impacting the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic and PV industries.

SEMI has renewed activities by holding technology events and new chapters of SEMI Steering Committee meetings to discuss priorities for several regions. We wanted each regional committee to draw upon the companies in the region for leadership, universities in the regions for R&D and education support, and the economic development organizations in the cities and states. We have succeeded.

These events are coming up soon:  

On April 26, I hope that members in all regions attend the SEMI Webinar:  Intellectual Property Risks to Innovation (11:00am Pacific/2:00pm Eastern). The semiconductor industry depends on intellectual property to keep innovation alive, but IP offenses are on the rise.  Patent infringement, counterfeiting and trade secret theft have reached serious levels—throughout the supply chain.

I encourage you to attend the SEMI Americas Quarterly Update Membership Webcast, which looks at “what’s new?” in the region— reviewing highlights of the past quarter and the upcoming quarter. The webinar also looks closely at the core service areas (like Research & Statistics and Standards) and features a Member Spotlight.  The next Membership Webcast is coming up later in April — the date will be listed soon on the SEMI Americas website at www.semi.org/en/about/regions/semiamericas. (To see an archived version of the February 2 webcast, visit www.semi.org/en/node/40646.) 

And last, but not least, we are currently in the midst of preparing for SEMICON West 2012!

While the upcoming Spring events are exciting, the regional committees were also very active in the fall. In the fall, the Northeast Region held a “Succeeding in Solar” event in September at CNSE. The Pacific Northwest Region held a forum in October in Tigard, Oregon with speakers from SEMI, Oregon State, and Bill Holt, VP at Intel.  The Arizona Chapter hosted a Breakfast Forum in October with speakers hailing from Semico, Amkor Technology, and ON Semiconductor.   In November, the SEMI Austin Annual Industry Outlook was held, with speakers from IC Insights, Yole, and ISMI.  The Silicon Valley area hosted the October North America Standards Fall Meetings, as well as the Industry Strategy Symposium in January. In addition, we held two SEMI Americas Quarterly Update Membership Webcasts — on November 18 and February 2.

The last six months for North America were very busy, and that’s exactly how we like it. The events indicate SEMI’s continued commitment to specific critical technology regions in the U.S.  All of the SEMI regional events are focused on the complex issues in semiconductor and photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing and supply chain issues, delving into market and technology trends, R&D and innovation, and economic development issues. 

I encourage you to get involved in your region’s steering committee and events. Please let me know if you have ideas and comments about your region. I would love to hear from you. Contact me at ksavala@semi.org.

April 3, 2012