Flexible, Wearable Electronics for Biometrics and Medicine

Flexible, Wearable Electronics for Biometrics and Medicine

Skin Sensor - FlexTechFlexible, wearable electronics will create more effective, safer and less expensive methods to provide health care monitoring of trauma patients, the elderly, military personnel, and athletes.  From sports, fitness, and well-being, to home monitoring, remote patient monitoring, and on-site professional healthcare monitoring, the potential markets for wearable devices are endless

Wearable electronics is already an established and growing market, with approximately 170 million units forecast in 2017, according ABI Research.  This will be evenly split between 90 million wearable fitness devices and about 80 million healthcare-focused.  A major component of wearable health and fitness devices is biosensors, and the worldwide market is expected to grow from US$ 8.5 billion in 2012 to $16.8 billion by 2018, according to MarketResearch.com. Applications for biosensors include Point-of-Care Testing, Home Diagnostics, Environmental Monitoring, Research Laboratories, Process Industry and Security & Biodefense.

Complete wearable systems and subsystems that incorporate sensors, data collection, flexible displays, wireless transmission, memory, solar cells and thin batteries have the ability to monitor vital health signs and give immediate feedback into performance and physiological well-being.  However, integrating all these components can be challenging.

In order to explore these challenges, FlexTech Alliance will host a workshop in San Jose, CA on April 10-11, 2012. The workshop will provide a well-rounded view of the flexible, wearable electronics market and bring together subject matter experts who are developing solutions and enabling technologies. “The Road to Flexible, Wearable Electronics for Biometrics and Medicine” will specifically address end-user requirements of wearable electronics in the athletic, healthcare and military sectors and will present recent progress in materials and sensor technologies for physiological monitoring.

Presenting companies include Reebok, GE, MC10, PARC, Air Force Research Lab, Lockheed Martin, Stanford University, Avery Dennison, Body Media, Shimmer Research, and Physical Optics Corporation. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Wearable Sensors Near/On the Skin — Avery Dennison, Stanford University
  • Healthcare, Medical Sensors and Markets — Body Media, GE, Physical Optics Corp.
  • Defense Requirements — Air Force Research Lab and Lockheed Martin
  • Business, Commercialization and Collaboration — MC10, PARC, Reebok, Shimmer Research

For more information, the complete agenda, and to register, visit www.flextechworkshop.org   or call FlexTech Alliance at 1-408-577-1300.


April 3, 2012