SEMI Webinar: Intellectual Property Challenges to Innovation

SEMI Webinar:  Intellectual Property Challenges to Innovation

April 26, 2012
2:00 pm Eastern; 11:00 am Pacific


Did you know that April 26 is “World IP Day”?  SEMI and many other organizations that actively promote intellectual property (IP) protection are marking the day by highlighting the importance of IP to innovation and technological progress.

SEMI members companies routinely invest over ten percent of revenues into R&D.  It is critical that they see the return on this investment in order to keep reap the rewards of their achievements and continue moving ahead in a competitive marketplace.  Unfortunately, IP violations continue to pose serious challenges to the industry.

Did you know that:

  • Over 60 percent of SEMI members report that IP violations have reached a serious level and that violations have had an adverse impact on their company.
  • Patent infringement and counterfeiting are the top IP violations.
  • IP violations cost the semiconductor equipment and materials industry significant sums each year in lost sales – money that could otherwise be invested in R&D and other value added activities.

Because of the importance of IP protection to continued innovation within our industry, SEMI is organizing a webcast for World IP Day. 

Join us for a discussion with:


Maggie Hershey, Senior Director of Public Policy at SEMI, who will present the findings from the recent SEMI membership survey on IP challenges.




Harvey Frye, Vice Chairman of Tokyo Electron America, who will talk about industry goals and next steps.




Judith Soentjen, Associate Legal Officer, Building Respect for IP Division, World Intellectual Property Organization who will talk about international developments on the road to improving IP protection around the world.

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