I Heard It through the Grapevine: Join over 500 EHS Professionals on the SEMI Forum

EHS professionals in the semiconductor industry can share useful technical and regulatory information over the SEMI Environmental, Health & Safety (SEHS) Grapevine. The Grapevine is an email-based discussion list with over 500 registered members. In the ten years since its inception, the Grapevine has hosted over 1,000 discussion topics.

In 2012, members addressed the following topics:

  • Geothermal Energy Use for Fabs
  • Exhaust for Portable Chemical Carts
  • Lifts Use in Subfabs
  • Arsine Exposure
  • Process Exhaust Loss
  • Tool Fire Suppressio​n System Testing
  • Wooden Pallets vs. Plastic Pallets
  • Gas Hoses Suitable for Oxygen Enriched Applicatio​ns
  • LEL of Flammable Gas Mixtures
  • Toxic Gas Monitoring Set Points

Instructions for joining are located on the SEMI website.

As a registered member, you can send pertinent questions to all other members with a single email. Subsequently, members can respond to your email privately or publicly.

All Grapevine discussions are archived on the SEMI website. The archive contains a library of all topics discussed on the Grapevine since 2001.

In addition to the Grapevine, SEMI is considering adding web-based discussion forums for knowledge-sharing. If you would like to be involved with the design of these forums, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior Manager in San Jose) at sbaliga@semi.org.