SEMI Europe Standards Update – March 2012

SEMI Europe Standards Update – March 2012

By Yann Guillou, SEMI Europe

The European Regional Standard Committee (ERSC) met in January in France to review strategic directions. The seven committees prepared and shared SWOT analysis and action plans for the upcoming years. SEMI Europe staff and the committee reaffirmed their willingness to keep a strong and efficient SEMI Standards committee in Europe.

Europe was the first region to create a SEMI Standards committee outside of the U.S. and has benefitted from skilled and experienced staff. Standards were developed by the various committees enabled both the industry to make significant savings and for others to enable growth. Nowadays, most of players still agree that standards are crucial for our industry, however over the last several years, fewer companies are dedicating resources to work on developing standards. The value of standards is still high – nobody argues to the contrary – but many players believe it is the role of the others to define them.

The ERSC committee took various actions that will be put into place in the coming months. The main action items are:

  • Increase Europe industry awareness about benefits of SEMI Standards
  • Increase communication about SEMI Standards activities in Europe
  • Propose and review new areas where Europe is has leadership
  • Tighten relationship between the PV roadmap group (CTM) and ERSC
  • Attract and involve new participants

Some of these actions have already been initiated. Recently, at ISS Europe in Munich, a SEMI booth was installed to promote and increase awareness level of executives on the benefits of SEMI Standards. More outreach and communications are planned with a presentation from James Amano at the PV Fab Manager Forum (Berlin, March 27th) and from Yann Guillou at MiNaPAD conference (Grenoble, April 25th) on 3DS-IC.

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