Heater Systems Requirements Standard

Heater Systems Requirements Standard

By Kevin Nguyen, SEMI Standards

SEMI F109-0212 Guide for Heater Systems Requirements was recently published in February 2012.  This guide applies to all types of resistive electrical heater systems used in the semiconductor, flat panel, solar, and related industries.

Formed in 2009, the Heater Jacket Task Force, led by David Colquhoun, took over two years to gain industry consensus and involved companies from heating system manufacturers and end-users including Heatron, Watlow, Yamatake, Briskheat, Swagelok, Applied Materials, and Parker Hannifin.  Standardization is needed due to the continuing demand for higher performance heated systems and numerous issues impacting the customer/user base and the manufacturers of heater systems for the semiconductor equipment industry. 

Certain semiconductor fabrication processes require uniform temperature range.  This standard provides a reference for uniform specification of heater systems for the semiconductor industry.  By using the standard, variation in heating systems can be eliminated.  David Colquhoun, Briskheat, explained that the benefit of having this guide in place is “Engineering materials, details and physical requirements are addressed from the beginning rather than at a later time, where increased costs and time will occur.” He added “Further refinement of thermal controls and heaters is key to continued improvement in process and materials development for the industry in general.”

If you have any questions about participation or would like to join the task force please contact Kevin Nguyen at knguyen@semi.org. For more information on SEMI Standards activities or upcoming meetings, please visit: www.semi.org/standards

SEMI Standards Watch, March 2012