Leading Manufacturers Collaborate to Update the "International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics"— Moving the Industry Forward

Leading Manufacturers Collaborate to Update the "International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics"— Moving the Industry Forward

 Latest Updates Available at the Upcoming PV Fab Managers Forum in Berlin

BERLIN— 14 February 2012— The third edition of the "International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics" (ITRPV) will be presented at the 6th PV Fab Managers Forum on March 25-27 at the Hotel Kempinski Bristol in Berlin. Leading European, American, and Asian manufacturers of silicon wafers, solar cells and modules contributed to the latest roadmap updates. The PV Fab Managers Forum — where solar industry decision makers as well as scientists and experts from research institutes and universities gather annually to discuss current challenges in the industry — is the ideal venue for the PV Roadmap update.

Markus Fischer, director of R&D Processes at Q-Cells SE and one of the working group chairs for the ITRPV, explained the goals of the roadmap, "We want to establish photovoltaics as a competitive source for electric power generation. We will only succeed, however, if our manufacturing costs are competitive as well. Then everyone will benefit — after all, solar is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable unlimited energy source."  Fischer also stated that many guidelines for the entire value chain of the silicon photovoltaics industry are currently in process. Insights gained provide advantages for all stakeholders — from the material supplier to the final customer.

More than 20 participating companies are working towards the goal of making PV more competitive and ensuring technological progress. This effort is extraordinary because companies that are competitors are working at a pre-competitive level, discussing common manufacturing challenges and trends in business. "While the roadmap is not binding for the companies involved — it is a recommendation backed by industry leaders with a common goal of advancing the industry. The industry's competitive advantage still thrives in this roadmapping environment.  We define targets and milestones, but do not specify how a company can achieve these. We prefer to describe the requirements we need to achieve them. This means that participants can choose the best method for their company but we all have a common path," Fischer explained.

At the PV Fab Managers Forum, Fischer will present the current status of the PV roadmapping efforts and the results achieved so far.

The Forum will also cover these topics: PV Market and Manufacturing Technology Outlook, Cost Reduction Potential in Cell and Module Manufacturing, Efficiency Increase Potential in Cell and Module Manufacturing, PV Standardization Update and Overview, and Total Cost of Ownership Models.

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