Microelectronic Manufacturing in Europe and the Middle East

Microelectronic Manufacturing in Europe and the Middle East

By Dan Tracy, SEMI Industry Research and Statistics

 Europe and the Middle East Area (EMEA) contain a diverse number of companies manufacturing IC and related devices. A recent report produced by Yole Developpement, titled the “European Microelectronic Fab Database/Report 2012,” lists 316 production, pilot and R&D lines in EMEA for ICs, MEMS, power devices, compounds devices, packaging, printed electronics and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) products. These companies and facilities are located across 32 countries.

Fabs in the EMEA region are mainly dedicated to front-end production with 69 percent  of EMEA companies involved in front-end, 20 percent in back-end/mid-end, and the rest for R&D/pilot activities. The breakout of fabs by industrial segments breakdown is as follows:

  • EMEA Front-end wafer Fabs:  Power Device industry with 75 fabs, MEMS industry with 56 fabs and IC Semiconductor industry with 55 fabs. 
  • Packaging (Back-end and Mid-end) with 70 manufacturing fabs, mainly based on small and medium enterprises.
  • Printed Electronics accounts for 24 fabs that are currently at the early stage of pre-production.
  • RF, optoelectronics, and CPV EMEA industry list a cumulated 31 fabs.

Breakdown by Industrial Segment

The 8-inch wafer size is most common for the IC semiconductor and Packaging industry, and the 6-inch wafer size is mainly used for Power Devices and MEMS. Optoelectronic fabs use smaller sizes (2- to 4-inch), but the LED industry is currently looking at 6-inch wafers. Europe accounts for 10 companies using 12-inch wafer lines: eight production fabs for IC fabrication and two packaging facilities.

Packaging fabs focused and selected in the database are involved in:

  • Discrete packaging: BGA/LGA, CSP, Leadframe, etc.
  • Wafer level packaging
  • 3D TSV technologies

Packaging manufacturing, mainly discrete packaging manufacturing, is made up of diverse number of small companies in EMEA.  “Mid-end” packaging, requiring Front-end processes in Front-end environments such as wafer-level packaging and flip chip, uses   larger wafer sizes for cost reduction reasons.

European Packaging Mid-end unit Wafer size

R&D is also a very active area in EMEA with 36 major R&D centers covered in the database report. Some changes have occurred in recent years in the R&D landscape as centers with dedicated pilot lines expand part of their activities into Foundry services to 1.) develop commercial sales, 2.) optimize cleanroom occupancy, and 3.) provide access to fabless companies in need of low-to-medium volume production.

Coming out of this strong R&D base is the introduction of MEMS device production based on 8-inch wafers; Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) gaining momentum for antenna switches; and the emergence of Printed Electronics capability. So while large IC companies like STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Intel, and GlobalFoundries are still producing in high volumes in EMEA, key investments and expansions will concern MEMS devices, Power Devices, RF Devices, and the emerging Printed Electronics field in the coming years.

About the European Microelectronic Fab Database/Report 2012 

The European Microelectronic Fab Database/Report 2012 is based on Yole Développement internal databases and the SEMI “World Fab Watch” database.  This database is the most exhaustive list of EMEA Microelectronic players detailing locations, products, technologies, and facility information. The database covers wafer lines located in 32 countries (on 50 targeted) from the European Union, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. 316 facilities are listed covering wafer processing lines, packaging, and printed electronic facilities. The list also contains companies involved in Printed Electronics and Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV).

The European Microelectronics Fab Database is presented as an Excel document with an Introduction, a Global Database listing, and a file per industry segment (IC semiconductors, MEMS, Power Devices, Optoelectronic (LED, Lasers), RF Devices Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV), and Printed Electronics). Information includes location, cleanroom, products, technologies, and production capacities.         

SEMI member companies can purchase the “European Microelectronic Fab Database/Report 2012” at a discount through the SEMI web store.

February 6, 2012