2011 News Archive

2011 News Archive

SEMI provides this archive of news and information from industry news sources as a resource. Due to the nature of dated material on the internet, SEMI does not guarantee that links are maintained by the news provider.

Strained silicon and HKMG take the stage at 22nm
(ElectroIQ, Dec 30)

22nm requires foundry-to-packaging-house cooperation
(ElectroIQ, Dec 30)

Mask-wafer double simulation: A new lithography requirement at 22nm
(ElectroIQ, Dec 30)

TSMC repeats call for foundry-centric 2.5/3D industry
(ElectroIQ, Dec 29)

What Causes Semiconductor Cycles?
(Forbes.com, Dec 29)

The curse of the H1-B Visa program
(Information Technology World, Dec 29)

SEMI Releases Third Quarter 2011 Worldwide Photovoltaic Equipment Market Statistics Report
(Electronic Products Magazine, Dec 29)

LCD makers settle price-fixing case for $553 million
(International Business Times, Dec 27)

Biggest Solar Venture Capital Deals of 2011
(Greentech Media, Dec 27)

Power semi market to grow 5% in 2012, says IMS
(EE Times, Dec 22)

PV in 2012: The year of truth
(PV Magazine, Dec 22) 

Semicon Packaging Materials Market to Hit $25.7B by 2015
(PCB007 IConnect007, Dec 15)

Electronics industry affected by major developments in European legislation
(New Electronics, Dec 15)

IDC Forecasts Worldwide Semiconductor Revenues Will Reach $305 Billion in 2012
(TMCnet.com, Dec 15)

ST claims world's first contactless wafer test
(EE Times, Dec 15)

New Fab Construction Further Consolidates TSMC's Leading Status in Tougher Competition
(EMS Now, Dec 15)

Air Products Brings World's First On-site High-Purity Ammonia Plant Onstream in China to Support Booming LED Market
(TMCnet.com, Dec 15)

Flexible substrates harness carbon nanotube ink for smart devices
(EE Times Europe Analog, Dec 15)

Fraunhofer researchers receive the Franco-German Business Award 2011
(PhysOrg.com, Dec 14)

ST eliminates wafer probes for on-wafer die test
(ElectroIQ, Dec 14)

Report: TSMC reserves land for $26 billion fab
(EE Times, Dec 14)

Q3 Semi Equipment Demand Plumments
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine Online, Dec 14

Worldwide semiconductor equipment bookings decline in Q3
(ElectroIQ, Dec 13)

SEMI Announces 'Call for Presenters' for SEMICON West 2012
(ElectroIQ, Dec 13)

Indian LED lighting market expected to grow at a CAGR of 45.53% until 2015, notes Frost & Sullivan
(LEDs Magazine, Dec 13)

Tool Order: UMC ends conservative year of spending with a flurry
(Fabtech, Dec 13)

MEMS sensors market looking strong: Q&A with Kionix director of marketing Brachocki

(Digitimes, Dec 13)

Growth of the LED market: Q&A with James Jenson, vice president of LED business unit at Veeco
(Digitimes, Dec 13)

Researchers: Carbon better than copper for TSVs
(EE Times, Dec 12)

IHS: Samsung grabbed record DRAM share in Q3
(EE Times, Dec 12)

Indian LED Lighting Market to Grow at 45.5% CAGR through 2015
(PCB007 IConnect007, Dec 12)


Panasonic is building an 8.5-Gen OLED TV pilot production plant
(OLED-Info, Dec 09) 

 UV lithography: Taking extreme measures
(PhysOrg.com, Dec 09) 

Dow Corning and Air Products enter long-term silane supply agreement
(PV Magazine, Dec 09) 

2012 chip market forecast revised downwards
(EE Times Europe, Dec 09)

Top 12 Hot Design Technologies for 2012
(Design News, Dec 08)

Semiconductor Equipment Sales to Reach $41.8 Billion in 2011
(ElectroIQ, Dec 07)

Materials and equipment pose challenges for 10nm semi processes
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Dec 07)

Europe's semiconductor production credentials...
(TMCnet.com, Dec 07)

Researchers build silicon chip alternative
(InfoWorld, Dec 07)

Henkel's flexible electronics without roll-to-roll
(+Plastic Electronics, Dec 06)

WSTS forecast update: Two more tough years
(ElectroIQ, Dec 06)

Semiconductor fab equipment spending forecast, 2011 wrap-up
(ElectroIQ, Dec 06)

IEDM: research result close to an integrated rf front end
(EE Times, Dec 06)

Hot topics in Smart Energy for 2011 – Part 1
(EE Times, Dec 06)

Strategies in Light 2012 to focus on LED market dynamics and trends in a turbulent environment
(LEDs Magazine, Dec 06) 

Samsung says Austin fab ramped in record time
(EE Times, Dec 05)


Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Projected to Top $300 Billion in 2011
(PR Newswire, Dec 05) 

TSMC gearing up for via-first TSV
(Digitimes, Dec 05)


Logic IC to outpace average chip growth in 2012, says TSMC chairman
(Digitimes, Dec 05) 


Innolas wins 450mm wafer handling order
(ElectroIQ, Dec 02

Beyond 22nm: Applied Materials, the unsung hero of Silicon Valley
(TMCnet.com, Dec 02)

ITRI unveils two flexible displays
(+Plastic Electronics, Dec 01

Report: Chinese foundries to merge
(EE Times, De c 01)

U.S. chip firms beat rivals in 2011, says IHS
(EE Times, Dec 01)

Semiconductor market to top US$300 billion in 2011, says WSTS
(Digitimes, Dec 01)


November 2011


Strategies in Light Europe focuses on LED lighting and market transformation(MAGAZINE)
(LEDs Magazine, Nov 29)

Applied Materials' Onyx treatment restores lost carbon, strengthens film structure
(ElectroIQ, Nov 29)

European OLED100.eu research project celebrates successful conclusion
(LEDs Magazine, Nov 28)

Solliance gets rolling
(+Plastic Electronics, Nov 28)

Mimicking the Brain, in Silicon
(Scientific Computing, Nov 23)

EU to pursue smart system R&D
(Electronics Design Stategy News, Nov 23)

SEMI invites suggestions on EU semi funding
(Electronics Weekly, Nov 23)

Europe needs fab and 450mm involvement, says Andreas Wild
(Electronics Weekly, Nov 23)

Taiwan government seeks cooperation between AUO and CMI
(Digitimes, Nov 23)

Siemens discovers dark-red luminescent material for warm LED light
(LEDs Magazine, Nov 22)

Challenge to state's business grants denied Tonawanda News, North Tonawanda, N.Y.
(TMCnet.com, Nov 22)

Chinese Solar Organization Accuses US of Dumping Polysilicon in China
(Greentech Media, Nov 21)

Building 3D-ICs: Tool Flow and Design Software Part 2
(EE Times, Nov 21)

IMEC begins project to develop organic photovoltaics
(+Plastic Electronics, Nov 21)

Japan chip gear book-to-bill ratio rises in October, says SEAJ
(Digitimes, Nov 21)

Chip fab tool book-to-bill holds steady for North American makers
(ElectroIQ, Nov 18)

Singapore plans fabless chip firm haven
(EE Times, Nov 18)

Semiconductor yield improvement with scan diagnosis
(ElectroIQ, Nov 18)

Research firms cautious about semiconductor market in 4Q11, 1Q12
(Digitimes, Nov 18)

Fairchild Semiconductor's 200mm Mountain Top wafer fab rebounds
(ElectroIQ, Nov 16)

SUSS MicroTec sends equipment to SVTC in MEMS, 3D IC dev partnershi

(ElectroIQ, Nov 15)

PV installations to reach 24 GW in 2011; Italy to take the lead
(PV Magazine, Nov 15)

Don't Let Your Supply Chain Control Your Business
(Harvard Business Review, Nov 15)

Chip equipment makers conservative about 4Q11 business
(Digitimes, Nov 15)

Building 3D-ICs: Tool Flow and Design Software
(EE Times, Nov 14)

SEMICON Japan 2011 to Feature “The Power of Asia
(PCB007 IConnect007, Nov 14) 

Technology transitions always happen faster than the conventional market predicts
(PV Magazine, Nov 14)

Top Executives to Address 'The Power of Asia' at SEMICON Japan 2011
(TMCnet.com, Nov 11)

Analyst: Big plunge in 2012 PV equipment sales, no V-shape recovery
(ElectroIQ, Nov 10)

Small- to medium-size panel makers enjoy high utilization rates in 4Q11
(Digitimes, Nov 10)

Lab-to-Fab Challenges and Synergies with CMOS Manufacturing Discussed at Plastic Electronics Conference/SEMICON Europa
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Nov 10)

UPDATE 1-China "concerned" about U.S. solar dumping probe
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Nov 10)

TSMC approves capex bump for advanced fab tech
(ElectroIQ, Nov 09)

Mini robots invade US nanospace
(Nanotechnology Now, Nov 09)

Top Ten Clean Energy Highlights Of Applied Materials
(International Business Times UK, Nov 09)

Mighty Japan Endures as Leader
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Nov 09)

Samsung to invest $6 billion in OLED capacity expansion in 2012?
(OLED-Info, Nov 09)

SEMATECH and Applied Seals Partner at UAlbany NanoCollege to Enable Defect-Free EUVL Masks for High-Volume Manufacturing
(TMCnet.com, Nov 09)

Officials: Fake weapons parts 'ticking time bomb'
(TMCnet.com, Nov 08)

Standards orgs unite online for 3-D tech forum
(Electronics Design Stategy News, Nov 08)

2011 Global Semiconductor Alliance Award Nominees Announced
(News Blaze, Nov 08)

MEMS packaging and test project aims for space
(ElectroIQ, Nov 08)

TSMC sees signs of market turning up
(EE Times, Nov 07)

Silicon wafer shipments dip in 3Q11
(Digitimes, Nov 07)

TSMC: 28-nm tech, demand 'on plan'
(EE Times, Nov 07)

PV fab capacity expansions finally slow in deference to demand, prices
(ElectroIQ, Nov 03)

Micron's CEO receives SIA award
(EE Times, Nov 03)

First Solar Doubles German Production Line
(Greentech Media, Nov 03)

The perfect clone: Researchers hack RFID smartcards
(PhysOrg.com, Nov 03)

(ElectroIQ, Nov 03)

Printing Technologies for conventional electronics: A step closer to fully printed devices
(Nanowerk, Nov 02)

Foundries have 28-nm yield issues, say execs
(EE Times, Nov 02)

Japan's supercomputer sets new speed record
(TMCnet.com, Nov 02)

Printed Sensor Detects Improvised Explosive Devices
(Design News, Nov 02)

Crossing Automation Extends 450mm Product Portfolio
(TMCnet.com, Nov 01)

Intel turns away from TV chips, says IHS
(Digitimes, Nov 01)

China's 2011-2015 plan for strategic emerging industries to boost IC sector
(ElectroIQ, Nov 01)

October 2011

Industry Association Says Semiconductor Sales Up 2.7% in September 
(TMCnet.com, Oct 31)

EUV litho source is much brighter, says Ushio
(EE Times, Oct 31)

China's newest supercomputer uses homegrown chips
(InfoWorld, Oct 31)

Counterfeit Semiconductor Importers Pay High Price of Breaking Public Trust, Endangering Americans
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 31)

3D-IC LinkedIn Group Announces 500 Members, Rapid Growth and Active Discussions
(TMCnet.com, Oct 31)

Tech Industry Urges Congressional Supercommittee to Seize Opportunity to Spur Innovation as Key Tool for U.S. Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction
(PR Newswire, Oct 27)

China MEMS purchases slow to "healthy rate" in 2011
(ElectroIQ, Oct 27)

Micron, Hynix to split damages if they lose case
(TMCnet.com, Oct 27)

TSMC sees 3-5% chip market growth in 2012; 28nm plays company growth driver
(Digitimes, Oct 27)

Yield optimization through MLR techniques
(EE Times, Oct 25)

One More Thing We Can Learn From Steve Jobs
(Forbes.com, Oct 25)

European high-tech industry appears powerful and competitive at SEMICON Europa and Plastic Electronics
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 25)

NanoCollege makes deal for Veeco Times Union, Albany, N.Y.
(TMCnet.com, Oct 25)

Applied Materials' Planned Acquisition of Varian Semiconductor Receives Clearance from U.S. Department of Justice
(TMCnet.com, Oct 24)

Semiconductor material gallium nitride is non-toxic and is compatible with human cells
(Nanowerk, Oct 24)

Semiconductor tool orders slide below billion-dollar mark in September
(ElectroIQ, Oct 21)

Fab 8 edges away from the human touch
(TMCnet.com, Oct 21)

LED wafer and automation standards are on the fast track, ready for more industry feedback (MAGAZINE)
(LEDs Magazine, Oct 20)

Inside TSMC Solar's CIGS fab strategy
(ElectroIQ, Oct 20)

Seoul Semi quadruples LED production capacity
(EE Times Europe, Oct 20)

California Remains the Largest U.S. Market for Solar Technology
(Greentech Media, Oct 19)

MIT etches MEMS structures with glass stamp
(ElectroIQ, Oct 19)

Applied Materials gets US nod to buy Varian
(ElectroIQ, Oct 19)

Chip market downturn to be brief
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 18)

GOP's tech visa bill copies, literally, Democrat's bill
(Computer World Australia, Oct 18)

ON Semiconductor to shut Japan fab
(Digitimes, Oct 18)

Polysilicon plant waste recycling
(ElectroIQ, Oct 17)

SEMI Sees Record Silicon Wafer Shipments
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 17)

Optogan opens Europe’s second-largest LED chip-production site
(LEDs Magazine, Oct 14)

US: GE to build thin film factory in Colorado
(PV Magazine, Oct 14)

SEMI Announces Silicon Wafer Shipment Forecast
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 14)

ASE to open US$460 million plant
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 14)

TSMC Solar progresses 300MW CIGS fab
(PV Magazine, Oct 13)

SEMI honors industry leaders at SEMICON Europa
(ElectroIQ, Oct 13)

Heinz Kundert receives IC Industry Award for leadership
(Fabtech, Oct 13)

SEMICON Europa 2011: Hopes for 2012 growth, no room for gloom
(ElectroIQ, Oct 13)

SEMICON Europa: Discrepancies in 450mm timing
(Electronics Weekly, Oct 11)

IMEC plans 450-mm wafer fab module for 2015
(EE Times, Oct 11)

Where are the jobs?
(EE Times, Oct 10)

Imec, ASML extend litho work, debut EUV sensors
(ElectroIQ, Oct 10)

IEF: Japan can rise again, says exec
(Electronics Design Stategy News, Oct 10)

Launch of Feed-in Tariff raises expectations for Japan’s PV market
(Display Plus, Oct 10)

Samsung researchers announce breakthrough in growing gallium nitride LEDs on glass
(PhysOrg.com, Oct 10)

Infineon succeeds in producing chips on new 300-millimeter thin wafer technology for power semiconductors
(PhysOrg.com, Oct 10)

IBM's graphene nanoelectronics work wins ITRI's global nanotechnology innovation contest
(Nanowerk, Oct 07)

ASE, Amkor expanding to compete for IDM orders
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 07)

Dow Electronic Materials Kicks Off Construction on Facility in Cheonan
(ElectroIQ, Oct 07)

Thin wafers win majority in electronics by 2016
(ElectroIQ, Oct 06)

HP, Hynix to launch memristor memory 2013
(EE Times, Oct 06)

Technology Executives Comment on Steve Jobs’s Death
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Oct 06)

IEF: Europe still has 450-mm wafer role
(EE Times, Oct 06)

Semicon Europa 2011 - Dresden
(EE Times Europe, Oct 06)

Ceramic materials help thin film PV cell manufacturers achieve greater efficiency
(PV Magazine, Oct 05)

Unity partners with Applied, Silvaco
(EE Times, Oct 05)

450mm: It's Different This Time
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 05)

Real Life ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Makes Objects Vanish
(International Business Times, Oct 05)


Invensas Corporation to Present at SEMICON Europa
(ElectroIQ, Oct 05)

Dow Becomes First Materials Supplier to Install 193 nm Immersion Scanner in Korea [#DowInvestorDay]
(News Blaze, Oct 04)

SIA: Global Semiconductor Sales Increase in August
(PCB007 IConnect007, Oct 04)

SEMATECH's Bryan Rice: Why it's time for a "refresh"
(ElectroIQ, Oct 04)

Taiwan: PV technology war is afoot
(PV Magazine, Oct 04)

MEMS motion sensors' continuing evolution in commercial markets
(ElectroIQ, Oct 03)

Moving away from silicon technology
(Nanowerk, Oct 03)

August chip sales show surprise growth
(EE Times, Oct 03)

Key Technologies of Semiconductor Industry in the Spotlight at SEMICON Europa 2011
(EMS Now, Oct 03)

September 2011

SEMI: Photovoltaic Equipment Market Statistics Report
(PCB007 IConnect007, Sep 30)

Gartner: IC capex to decline 19% in 2012
(EE Times, Sep 30)

Multitest to Exhibit New Test Solutions at SEMICON Europa 2011
(EMS Now, Sep 30)

LCD makers tighten up to cope with large-size panel depression
(Digitimes, Sep 30)

AUO cuts capex with LCD industry yet to see bottom, says chairman
(Digitimes, Sep 29)

IBM and Intel lead group to invest $4.4bn in next-generation chip technology in New York
(Nanowerk, Sep 28)

Intel, others to pump $4.4B into NY chip R&D
(EE Times, Sep 27)

Baliga wins nation's highest honor for technology innovation
(PhysOrg.com, Sep 27)

DOE SSL program offers up to $10m for manufacturing R&D projects
(LEDs Magazine, Sep 27)

Fab management, packaging, 450mm on our SEMICON Europa agenda
(ElectroIQ, Sep 27)

IBM, Intel coming to Albany nanocenter Times Union, Albany, N.Y.
(TMCnet.com, Sep 27)

Air Products to Expand Nitrogen Capacity in Korea's Cheonan City
(TMCnet.com, Sep 27)

EUV obstacle ‘overcome’
(New Electronics, Sep 27)

PV production must scale back to align with 2012 demand
(ElectroIQ, Sep 26)

Crossing Automation Enters 450mm Semiconductor Manufacturing Market; Receives Order for New Spartan(TM) 450 Sorter
(News Blaze, Sep 26)

Report: Intel chooses Ireland over Israel
(EE Times, Sep 26)

Online directory eliminates procurement of counterfeit semis
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Sep 26)

MEMS product development -- why is it so hard?
(ElectroIQ, Sep 23)

40 percent efficiency goal of NASA sponsored research
(PV Magazine, Sep 23)

China emerges as fastest-growing automotive MEMS market, says IHS
(Digitimes, Sep 23)

SEMI reports weak PV equipment demand
(PV Magazine, Sep 23)

PV equipment book-to-bill ratio drops below parity in 2Q11, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Sep 22)

Like fish on waves: electrons go surfing
(Nanowerk, Sep 22)

MEMS chips entering mass consumer markets
(EE Times Europe, Sep 22)

MEMS product development -- why is it so hard?
(ElectroIQ, Sep 23)

40 percent efficiency goal of NASA sponsored research
(PV Magazine, Sep 23)

China emerges as fastest-growing automotive MEMS market, says IHS

(Digitimes, Sep 23)

SEMI reports weak PV equipment demand
(PV Magazine, Sep 23)

PV equipment book-to-bill ratio drops below parity in 2Q11, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Sep 22)

Texas Instruments acquisition of National Semiconductor clears regulatory reviews
(News Blaze, Sep 21)

Falling patent quality hits innovation, says OECD
(Science Business, Sep 21)

Gartner warns over semiconductor inventory levels
(EE Times Europe, Sep 21)

Fraunhofer IIS co-operates on nanometer technology with Fujitsu
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 20)

IC Insights updates semi forecast, discusses China's stimulus success
(ElectroIQ, Sep 20)

TSMC to cut 2012 capex 19%
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Sep 20)

US research seeks transistor replacement
(Electronics Design Stategy News, Sep 19)

Semiconductor capex dragged in August 2011
(ElectroIQ, Sep 19)

Applied Materials EUVL mask etch system debuts with multiple installs
(ElectroIQ, Sep 19)

Xilinx, Elpida highlight SEMICON Taiwan's SiP Global Summit
(ElectroIQ, Sep 19)

SEMI book-to-bill ratio slips to 0.80 in August
(Digitimes, Sep 16)

Gartner: Semiconductor sales to decline in 2011 due rapid fall in demand
(Fabtech, Sep 15)

Chip sales slowing rapidly, says Gartner
(EE Times, Sep 15)

A fully functional, fast switching and printable transistor in cheap plastic
(Nanowerk, Sep 15)

Globalfoundries says utilization to fall for mature technologies in 2H11
(Digitimes, Sep 15)

Quake-Shy Renesas Targets Stable Chip Supply System (Nikkei.com, Sep 15)

Japanese EUV litho consortium goes global
(EE Times, Sep 14)

How can Taiwan maintain its leadership in the semiconductor industry?
(Digitimes, Sep 14)

SEMICON Europa preview
(ElectroIQ, Sep 13)

Semiconductor Research awards seven contracts for industry-guided research to universities based in Abu Dhabi
(Display Plus, Sep 13)

Precision tools support critical PSS metrology from R&D through high-volume LED fabrication (MAGAZINE)
(LEDs Magazine, Sep 13)

Semicon West delivers technology update on LED manufacturing (MAGAZINE)
(LEDs Magazine, Sep 13)

Perspectives on 450mm
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Sep 13)

Germany's Federal Minister of the Interior Broadens Security Cooperation with Infineon; Focus on the Protection of Critical Infrastructures and...
(TMCnet.com, Sep 13)

5 tech breakthroughs: Chip-level advances that may change computing
(Computerworld, Sep 13)

3M and IBM to develop adhesives to package semiconductors
(ElectroIQ, Sep 13)

Air Products to Expand NF3 Capacity at Ulsan, Korea Facility
(PR Newswire, Sep 12)

Fabricated silicon parts hit 200% growth on semiconductor, LED equipment bounceback
(ElectroIQ, Sep 12)

PV price cuts spur US pipeline surge
(ElectroIQ, Sep 12)

Obama urges green tech sector to "start here, stay here, hire here"
(PV Magazine, Sep 09)

EE Times-China Survey Shows Mainland China's Chip Design Companies Invest in 28nm Technology
(ElectroIQ, Sep 09)

Gudeng ready to ship 18-inch wafer handling equipment, says paper
(Digitimes, Sep 09)

450mm and EUV linked with uncertainty, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Sep 09)

DOE Supports Project to Cut Silicon Solar PV Wafer Costs 50%
(International Business Times UK, Sep 09)

Lam's Newberry to resign CEO post
(EE Times, Sep 08)

Q2 semiconductor tool sales show 8% droop in bookings
(ElectroIQ, Sep 08)

Chairman Dr. Morris Chang Receives SEMI Akira Inoue Award for Contributions to Semiconductor Environment, Health, and Safety Management
(ElectroIQ, Sep 08)

TSMC targets 2015 for volume production on 14nm; Intel targets 2013.
(Electronics Weekly, Sep 08)

Q2 global semiconductor equipment billings up 31% year on year
(New Electronics, Sep 07)

2Q11 Semiconductor Equipment Figures; Billings US$ 11.92 Billion
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Sep 07)

SEMI: Q2 Global Semicon Equipment Billings $11.92 Billion
(PCB007 IConnect007, Sep 07)

Taiwan Will Procure US$10 B. Worth of Semiconductor Equipment This Year
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Sep 07)

Mattson Technology SUPREMA Photoresist Strip Systems Selected by Foundry, Logic and Memory Customers for Volume Production Through 3X nm and Below
(News Blaze, Sep 07)

TSMC says equipment vendors late for 14nm
(EE Times, Sep 07)

Taiwan must learn antitrust lessons: Q&A with ex-CMO president Ho Jau-yang
(Digitimes, Sep 07)

Flexible electronics hold promise for consumer applications
(ElectroIQ, Sep 07)

SEMICON Taiwan 2011: Major IDMs participate for procurement talks
(Digitimes, Sep 07)

Alchimer TSV barrier-layer film shows 100% deposition coverage
(Electro IQ, Sep 06)

Taiwan Semiconductor expects weakening economy will affect chip market
(EE Times, Sep 02)

LEDinside's Prospective: Veeco’s Taiwanese Technology Center Establishment to Expect the Taiwanese Government to Support The Green Energy Industry
(LEDInside, Sep 02)

Quantum dot OLEDs fabbed via spin coating
(Electro IQ, Sep 01)

PV success could hinge on legislation
(EE Times Europe, Sep 01)

‘Breakthrough’ manufacturing technology enables more efficient solar cells
(New Electronics, Sep 01)

China government to promote semi industry consolidation, says Digitimes Research
(Digitimes, Sep 01)

August 2011

3D ICs without TSVs?
(Electronics Design Stategy News, Aug 31)

Applied Materials announces breakthrough system to drive the next wave of solar manufacturing
(Display Plus, Aug 31)

An impermeable wrap for future electronics
(Nanowerk, Aug 31)

Analyst sees upside in 2H11 chip market
(EE Times, Aug 31)

GlobalFoundries charts road to 14 nm
(EE Times Europe Analog, Aug 31)

SEMICON Taiwan preview: Forums span key technology, markets
(Electro IQ, Aug 30)

GlobalFoundries charts road to 14nm
(EE Times, Aug 30)

Rambus blamed by Intel staff for doomed chip
(EE Times, Aug 29)

Solar May Produce Most of World’s Power by 2060, IEA Says
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Aug 29)

Flexible electronics hold promise for consumer applications
(Nanowerk, Aug 29)


 (Electro IQ, Aug 29)

Automotive MEMS sensors recalculating for growth after 2010-2011 disruptions
(Electro IQ, Aug 23)

IHS: 300-mm chip manufacturing set to double
(EE Times, Aug 23) 

Ruling Issued in Rudolph's Patent Infringement Case against Camtek
(News Blaze, Aug 23)

Thin Film Solar Startup Solexant and Its New CEO
(Greentech Media, Aug 23)

STATS ChipPAC names top suppliers of 2010
(Electro IQ, Aug 23)

Assembleon to enter semiconductor industry with dedicated solution for IiP, MCM and Die Bonding
(EMS Now, Aug 23)

AMOLED manufacturing capacity to nearly triple in 2012, says DisplaySearch
(EE Times Europe, Aug 23)

Single-chip solution targets hybrid instrument clusters
(EE Times Automotive, Aug 23)

Event on Known Good Die (KGD) and 3D semiconductor packaging
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Aug 23)

Electrodeposition moving to ever smaller dimensions
(Nanowerk, Aug 22)

Corning to begin production of OLED TV glass
(+Plastic Electronics, Aug 22)

CH2M HILL introduces new PV economic development report to support DOE’s Solar America Communities Program
(Display Plus, Aug 22)

Cost-saving 450mm transition faces roadblocks
(IEE - Information Professional Sector News, Aug 22)

SEMI Book to Bill for July
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Aug 22)

(OLED-Info, Aug 22)  

Taiwan panel makers face challenges over HP's PC spin-off plan
(Digitimes, Aug 22)

Q2 European semi distribution grows 13.2%
(Electronics Weekly, Aug 21)

SEMI Releases China LED Fab Industry Report
(TMCnet.com, Aug 20)

Builiding begins on new OLED lighting centre
(+Plastic Electronics, Aug 19)

Interview: Suntech founder outlines PV strategy going forward
(PV Magazine, Aug 18)

Saxony's Minister-President Tillich assumes patronage of SEMICON Europa 2011
(EMS Now, Aug 17)

Taiwan's SAS climbs wafer ranks with Japan's Covalent
(Electro IQ, Aug 16)

For How Long will Germany Remain the World’s Largest PV Market?
(Solar Plaza, Aug 16)

New LED Entrants in China to Boost 2012 Outlook
(LEDInside, Aug 15)

SMIC's COO resigns in latest shakeup
(EE Times, Aug 15)

SEMI hands the reins to Denny McGuirk
 (Electro IQ, Aug 15)

IMS Research downgrades 2011 and upgrades 2012 MOCVD forecast
 (LEDs Magazine, Aug 15)

Bridgelux announces new breakthrough in GaN-on-Silicon technology for solid-state lighting
(Display Plus, Aug 15)

Japan's government ministry is proposing a new category for large-scale PV systems
(The Photovoltaic Magazine, Aug 15)

Taiwan wafer foundry industry set for stagnated recovery, says paper
 (Digitimes, Aug 15)

European semiconductor industry leading indicator up in June
 (EE Times Europe, Aug 15)

3D-IC Opens a New Era of Packaging and Testing
 (Semiconductor Packaging News, Aug 12)

China may hike LCD panel tariffs
 (Digitimes, Aug 12)

New architecture promises better battery
 (EE Times Europe, Aug 12)

INDIA : Setting up of Semi-Conductor Plants
(Electro IQ, Aug 11)

TSMC chairman to receive IEEE medal of honor
(Electro IQ, Aug 11)

SEMI releases report on LED fabs in China
(LEDs Magazine, Aug 11)

New architecture promises better battery
(EE Times, Aug 11)

LED packaging equipment for better throughput, quality, and yields
(Electro IQ, Aug 11)  



July 2011


Atomic-scale films critical to transistors
(Electronics Design Stategy News, Jul 27)

TI's PowerStack™ packaging technology in volume production
(PR Newswire, Jul 27)

June Shipments of TV panels to China show on-month decrease
(Digitimes, Jul 27)

(Electro IQ, Jul 26)

Resistive switches based on piezoelectric nanowires allow electrical signals to be produced from mechanical actions
(PhysOrg.com, Jul 26)

Panel makers reduce capex
(Digitimes, Jul 26)

Lessons from Sematech
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 25)

Cracking the qubit conundrum: Advances in quantum computing
(New Electronics, Jul 25)

TI says Japan factories running ahead of schedule
(Forbes.com, Jul 25)

TI says damaged Japan fabs back in action
(EE Times, Jul 25)

Abu Dhabi to Increase Chip-Related Spending
(Chip Design, Jul 25)

Experts At The Table: Yield Issues
(Chip Design, Jul 25)

Securing global competitiveness of German PV
(PV Magazine, Jul 25)

US-based Applied Materials Establishes Producing Base in Chinese Mainland
(Solar Plaza, Jul 25)

Spintronics: A high wire act
(Nanowerk News, Jul 25)

Japanese researchers develop method for printing single crystal thin-film transistors
(PhysOrg.com, Jul 20)

Ferroelectrics fabricated directly on plastic
(New Electronics, Jul 20)

Japan-based Fujimi to invest in Taiwan
(Digitimes, Jul 20)

Essential principles for practical analog BIST
(EE Times, Jul 19)

Older packaging tech breathes life into automobile MEMS sensors
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 19)

AUO, CMI shift competition to LED lighting market
(Digitimes, Jul 18)

Semi West exec panel questions 450-mm, EUV
(EE Times, Jul 14)

Ushio unveils two new UX4-LEDs series models at Semicon West 2011
(LEDs Magazine, Jul 14)

Huge growth of demand for slim glass
(Evertiq, Jul 14)

Doug Neugold Named SEMI Chairman; Miller and Tong Elected to SEMI Board
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 14)

SEMI publishes latest photovoltaic build standard
(EE Times, Jul 13)

Semicon keynoter urges new biz models
(Electronics Design Stategy News, Jul 13) 

Report: Semi Capex to Peak in 2011
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine Online, Jul 13)

Advantest completes acquisition of Verigy
(Evertiq, Jul 13)

Applied Materials Pushes the Boundaries of the Transistor with Atomic Scale Manufacturing Technology
(Nanowerk, Jul 12)

Globalfoundries engages startup for R&D
(EE Times, Jul 12)

SEMI: Semicon Equipment Sales to Reach $44.3B in 2011
(PCB007, Jul 12)

Applied Materials Highlights Innovations for Semiconductor Manufacturing at Semicon West 2011 - Showcases Eight New Products
(TMCnet.com, Jul 12)

Chip equipment sales to grow 12% in 2011, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Jul 12)

MEMS Industry Group Showcases MEMS in the Machine at SEMICON West
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 12) 

Advantest to Feature New SOC and NAND Test Solutions at SEMICON West; Suite of products address variety of applications, illustrating breadth of company's test capabilities
(Electro IQ, Jul 11)

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fabs in New York and Dresden Achieve “Ready for Equipment” Milestone
(SYS-CON India, Jul 11)

Consensus forecast sees 12% tool sales growth
(EE Times, Jul 11)

Packaging Featured Articles
(Electro IQ, Jul 11)

ATMI's Doug Neugold Named SEMI Chairman for 2011 - 2012
(TMCnet.com, Jul 11)

EV Group to ship 450-mm wafer bonding tool
(EE Times, Jul 11)

Packaging Equipment Market Outlook
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 08)

Preparing for the Move to 450 mm
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 08)

450mm a 'certainty'.
(Electronics Weekly, Jul 08)

Applied Materials to Hold SEMICON West Briefing Meeting
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 08)

Pall Spotlights New Filtration and Purification Products for 22 nm and Finer Technologies
(Nanowerk, Jul 06)

Tessera at SEMICON West 2011
(News Blaze, Jul 06) 

Applied Materials Introduces Innovations for Building Faster DRAM Chips
(TMCnet.com, Jul 06)

SIA sees mediocre semiconductors sales ahead (EE Times, Jul 05)
Kyocera increases PV plant size following government energy restrictions (PV Magazine, Jul 05)

Nanowires offer opportunities for improved LEDs
(Nanowerk, Jul 01)

Japan shakes semiconductor industry
(EE Times, Jul 01)

Parylene protects MEMS assemblies
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 01)


June 2011

Semiconductor industry investing over $40 billion annually, says SEMI
(Electro IQ, Jun 30)

Japan Industrial Production Skyrockets As Global Supply Chain Comes Back On-Line
(Forbes Blogs, Jun 29)

LED makers shifting focus from efficacy to manufacturing efficiency for mass-market leap
(Electro IQ, Jun 29)

Semiconductor industry executives: Can't miss events at SEMICON West
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 29)

IC Packaging Innovation Increasingly Replacing Moore's Law
(PCB007, Jun 29)

Rubicon Technology Receives Key Endorsements, Begins Volume Production of Large Diameter Sapphire Wafers
(Electro IQ, Jun 29)

Tiny ring laser accurately detects and counts nanoparticles
(PhysOrg.com, Jun 28)

SoC Ecosystems Become More Tightly Integrated
(Chip Design, Jun 27)

Semiconductor industry executives: Can't miss events at SEMICON West
(Electro IQ, Jun 27)

New architectures, litho schemes take the stage at SEMICON West
(Electro IQ, Jun 24)

SEMATECH details presence at SEMICON West
(Fabtech, Jun 24)

New TechZONE at SEMICON West Explores Cross-Supply Chain Collaboration
(EMS Now, Jun 24)

Semiconductor Industry Association Supports World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Forecast
(TMCnet.com, Jun 23)

Updated: India again seeks help with fabs
(EE Times, Jun 23)

SEMICON West to Tackle Equipment, Materials Industry Challenges
(PCB007, Jun 23)

Shifting PV markets in the US, Europe, and Asia/Indi
(Electro IQ, Jun 22)

KLA joins Sematech's EUV research program
(EE Times, Jun 22)

SEMATECH to Showcase Advanced Technologies and Manufacturing Methods at SEMICON West 2011: Presentations and public workshops will share data, strategies, and best practices in advanced materials, lean manufacturing methods, and 3D interconnects
(Nanotechnology Now, Jun 22)

Nat Semi stockholders approve TI takeover
(EE Times, Jun 22)

KLA-Tencor™ and SEMATECH Partner to Advance EUV Lithography Technology at UAlbany NanoCollege: Collaboration will drive the development of critical processes for advanced defect detection to support EUVL introduction
(Nanotechnology Now, Jun 21)

LED Business Roundup: Illumitex, austriamicrosystems, Veeco, Tsinghua Tongfang
(LEDs Magazine, Jun 21)

Better times ahead for Photoresist manufacturers, says Techcet forecast
(Fabtech, Jun 20)

Better times ahead for Photoresist manufacturers, says Techcet forecast
(Fabtech, Jun 20)

CMP consumables are back faster than expected
(Electro IQ, Jun 20)

Applied Materials sees critical inflection point reached in the cost of solar energy
(Pv Tech, Jun 20)

Solar PV cost per watt below $1 by Q1 2012
(Electro IQ, Jun 17)

Applied Materials CMP announcement offers insights into 20-nm timing variations
(Electronics Design Stategy News, Jun 17)

A Chip Industry Takes Off in China
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 17)
San Francisco Bay Area Companies Invest $1 Million in
San Jose State University Initiative to Produce More California Engineers
(News Blaze, Jun 17)

AUO to delay their Gen-3.5 AMOLED production to Q3/Q4
(OLED-Info, Jun 16)

Chip equipment book-to-bill slips
(EE Times, Jun 16)

3D IC prototyping process result of MENT, Tezzaron, MOSIS collaboration
(Solid State Technology, Jun 16)

World’s first 3D plasmon ruler: Taking the 3-D measure of macromolecules
(PhysOrg.com, Jun 16)

"Exciting" and "volatile" year predicted for US PV

 (PV Magazine, Jun 16)

Touchscreen technology stifles electrical noise
(EE Times, Jun 16)

Applied Materials adds tungsten film planarization to CMP tool
(Solid State Technology, Jun 16)

AUO’s Tsai Says PC Panel Prices to Climb Further This Month
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jun 14)

Carbon 'grapevine' may store hydrogen
(PhysOrg.com, Jun 14)

Gas-based etch enables MEMS materials flexibility, commercial reliability
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 14) 

China to surpass Japan in large-size TFT LCD panel production in 2Q11, says DisplaySearc
(Digitimes, Jun 14)

Veeco gets US government funding for LED manufacturing equipment
(Fabtech, Jun 13)

President's NC trip showcases the role scientific research plays in driving the economy
(PhysOrg.com, Jun 13)

First telecommunications wavelength quantum dot laser on a silicon substrate
(PhysOrg.com, Jun 13)

Sono-Tek Corporation to Exhibit ExactaCoat at SEMICON West 2011
(EMS Now, Jun 13)

GPD Global to Demonstrate PCD Technology at SEMICON West 2011
(EMS Now, Jun 13)

Cover story: Pushing the potential of plastic electronics
(New Electronics, Jun 13)

India's chip design industry to be worth $10.2 billion by 2012: ISA
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 13)

Swiss solar-powered plane set for second cross-border flight
(PhysOrg.com, Jun 10)

China's fabless sector to double 2010-15
(Electronics Weekly, Jun 10)

Start thinking in 450mm
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 10)

Samsung Strengthens its Solar Business
(Solar Plaza, Jun 10)

Intel blast, ‘no disruption to manufacturing’
(New Electronics, Jun 10) 

Verigy: U.S. Clears Advantest Deal
(Forbes Blogs, Jun 10)

Renesas shakes up post-quake plan
(EE Times, Jun 10)

TI, National Semiconductor takeover analysis
(New Electronics, Jun 10)

Splinter Seeks Consensus on 450-mm Transition
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 09)

The future of MEMS: Rethinking business strategies and manufacturing technology for volume systems markets (Electro IQ, Jun 07)
Power of semiconductors fuels political change (Electronics Weekly, Jun 07)

Germany: Unscheduled cuts to solar FIT scheme dropped (PV Magazine, Jun 06)
Competitive Positioning in PV Manufacturing: The Seven Metrics That Matter (Greentech Media, Jun 06)

(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 02)
(PV Magazine, Jun 02)

May 2011

2011 PV installations predicted to increase, but long term forecasts show a decline

(PV Magazine, May 31)
(Display Plus, May 30)
(Solid State Technology, May 30)
(Semiconductor Packaging News, May 26)
(Semiconductor Packaging News, May 26)

Silicon Frontline Addresses EDA Industry Bottleneck, Promotes Guaranteed Accurate 3D Post-Layout Extraction at Design Automation Conference
(News Blaze, May 25)

Imec and Atrenta Develop Exploration Flows for 3D ICs
(Nanowerk, May 25)

NVIDIA joins as fabless partner in imec's advanced CMOS scaling program
(Nanowerk, May 25)

SEMATECH: A model for advancing solar technology (w/video)
(Nanowerk, May 25)

SRC and UCLA advance design-dependent process monitoring for semiconductor wafer manufacturing
(Nanowerk, May 25)

Broadening uses put MEMS technology on the map
(Nanowerk, May 25)

Imec India Kicks off Partnership with Wipro to Bring Nanoelectronics Solutions to Emerging Markets
(Nanowerk, May 25)

MEMS unaffected, crystals disrupted by Japan earthquake
(Solid State Technology, May 25)

Freescale cuts IPO price as it fails to ignite investor interest
(EE Times, May 25)

SEMI PV Group and VDMA Release Global PV Manufacturing Equipment Book-to-Bill Report
(Business Exchange, May 25)

U.S. regulators green light TI-National deal
(EE Times, May 23)

Crisis Planning and Preparation Speeding Japan Semiconductor Recovery
(Semiconductor Packaging News, May 23)

Anne-Marie Dutron appointed General Director of SEMI Europe Grenoble Office
(Semiconductor Packaging News, May 23)

Spinning new materials in a thread for fiber-based electronics, photonics devices
(PhysOrg.com, May 20)

New GlobalFoundries plant sited in Abu Dhabi
(Computer World UK, May 20)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts April 2011 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.98
(EMS Now, May 20)

Report: CPV Installations to Top 1 GW Per Year by 2015
(Greentech Media, May 19)

Major IC makers are on 450mm wafers, says ISMI
(Solid State Technology, May 18)

Report: Abu Dhabi fab to break ground in 2012
(EE Times, May 18)

Taiwan ramps capacitive display output
(EE Times, May 18)

Confab 2011: Making progress with EUV
(Solid State Technology, May 18)

Market update: Growth still good, avoiding excess
(Solid State Technology, May 18)

450mm gaining momentum in the supply chain
(Solid State Technology, May 18)

Hemlock Semi may expand Tennessee plant
(EE Times, May 17)

Bring lithography <11nm with materials, not new steppers, says Brewer Science
(Solid State Technology, May 17)

Customers, logic reshaping supplier collaboration landscape
(Solid State Technology, May 17)

Connecting investments to industry trends
(Solid State Technology, May 17)

Silicon Valley upstate: NY's semiconductor manufacturing ambitions
(Solid State Technology, May 16)

Full-Color Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Displays Move Closer to Reality
(Nanowerk, May 16)

Wafer shipments fall 1% in Q1, says SEMI
(EE Times, May 16)

Ultratech Announces HB-LED Asia Technology Center in Taiwan
(Nano TechWire, May 13)

CMOS image sensor market set for steady growth
(EE Times, May 13)

Tool Order: Major foundry orders US$10 million worth of Bruker metrology tools
(Fabtech, May 12)

No wafer shortage for TSMC
(EE Times, May 12)

SMIC to invest $1 billion in Wuhan fab
(EE Times, May 12)

Graphene nanoribbons form from H-unzipped CNT
(Solid State Technology, May 11)

GSA to work with MEMS Industry Group
(EE Times, May 11)

TSMC sees 2% growth for 2011 chip market
(EE Times, May 11)

Japan's Renesas: chip supplies to recover by end-Oct
(Semiconductor Packaging News, May 11)

IMS Research releases Q1-11 MOCVD results and updated 2011 forecast
(LEDs Magazine, May 11)

Applied Materials’ Varian Purchase May Spur Equipment Deals
(Semiconductor Packaging News, May 09)

TSMC to Double Output Capacity in Five Years
(Semiconductor Packaging News, May 09)

U.S. Solar Industry Forms a Coordinated Team, Creates U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium
(International Business Times UK, May 09)

San Jose Mercury News, Calif., Mike Cassidy column [San Jose Mercury News, Calif.]
(TMCnet.com, May 07)

Intel enters the third dimension
(Scientific American, May 06)

The $108M swing-for-the-fences chip investment
(EE Times, May 06)

Less silver in DuPont's new PV metallization pastes
(Solid State Technology, May 06)

TSMC to ramp new 12-inch fab ahead of schedule
(Semiconductor Packaging News, May 06)

AMAT-Varian: What analysts are saying
(EE Times, May 05)

Report: TSMC, UMC prepare for water rationing
(EE Times, May 05)

Global MEMS Industry Is Relatively Unaffected from Japan Quake Aftermath
(EMS Now, May 05)

Intel readies 22nm leap, with trigates
(Solid State Technology, May 04)

Global PV adoption: The GW club, and what regions are growing fastest
(Solid State Technology, May 04)

Dow Electronic Materials wins Epistar's first-ever supplier award for supply of metalorganic precursors and exceptional customer support
(LEDs Magazine, May 04)

28nm node: It's not for everyone
(Solid State Technology, May 02) 

Intel vying for Apple foundry business
(EE Times, May 02)

 Global averaged chip sales growth slows in March
(EE Times, May 02)


April 2011

OLED Ink boost lifetime and lower operating voltage at UDC
(Printed Electronics World, Apr 27)

Technique reveals quantum phase transition; could lead to superconducting transistors
(PhysOrg.com, Apr 27)

China PV policy roadmap calls for 60GW by 2020
(Pennenergy, Apr 27)

SEMI Forms Alliance with Korean University
(PCB007, Apr 27) 

Strong results for Veeco, more MOCVD sales for Aixtron
(LEDs Magazine, Apr 27)

Top 20 MEMS foundries ranked
(EE Times, Apr 27)

German research demonstrates plastic electronic diagnostics
(+Plastic Electronics, Apr 27)

Manufacturing software is key as LED production volumes grow (MAGAZINE)
(LEDs Magazine, Apr 26)

Why lifetime color consistency is important for LEDs
(Electronic Products Magazine, Apr 26)

SEMATECH attracts six more semiconductor firms to 3D TSV IC program
(Fabtech, Apr 26)

TSMC confident of making CIGS PV modules comparable with solar cells, says chairman
(Digitimes, Apr 26)

Moore's Law to hit snag in 6-8 years, says TSMC chairman
(Digitimes, Apr 26)

N.A. Semicon Equipment Industry's March B2B Ratio 0.95
(PCB007, Apr 22)

India preps $5 billion two-fab plan
(EE Times Europe, Apr 22)

SEMI book-to-bill ratio rises to 0.95 in March
(Digitimes, Apr 22)

Renesas to restart quake-hit factory earlier than expected
(PC World, Apr 22)

A lot of ZIP codes on chip fab resumes [Times Union, Albany, N.Y.]
(TMCnet.com, Apr 21)

Imec reports two breakthroughs in its EUV mask defectivity assessment
(Nanowerk, Apr 18)

New kid on the plasmonic block: Researchers find plasmonic resonances in semiconductor nanocrystals
(Nanowerk, Apr 18)

Self-sintering conductive inks simplify printing of plastic electronics
(Nanowerk, Apr 18)

Semiconductor firms bounce back from recession
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Apr 18)

"Green" ITO replacement suits flex displays, EMI shielding
(Solid State Technology, Apr 15)

Nano-scale gratings stabilize VCSEL polarization
(Solid State Technology, Apr 15)

Taiwan's AUO, Japan's Sharp agree to drop lawsuits
(PhysOrg.com, Apr 15)

New MEMS to conquer market in 2011
(Evertiq, Apr 15)

Secondary equipment market reaches US$6 billion in 2010, say SEMI and Semico
(Digitimes, Apr 14)

Nanotechnology for semiconductors
(Solid State Technology, Apr 13)

Nanoplasmonic "chips" slow broadband light waves
(Solid State Technology, Apr 13)

Applied Materials creates WLP center with Singapore Institute of Microelectronics
(Solid State Technology, Apr 13)

Four companies dominate MEMS top 30
(EE Times, Apr 13)

MEMC resumes wafer production in Japan
(Evertiq, Apr 13)

UMC says Japan fab unaffected by aftershocks
(Digitimes, Apr 13)

Yole lists top-30 MEMS companies in 2010: Big-4 capture one third of total market
(Digitimes, Apr 13)

The ConFab 2011 Keynotes to Address Disaster in Japan
(Electro IQ, Apr 12)

MEMS Market to Grow 157% in 2011
(PCB007, Apr 12)

Ink with tin nanoparticles could print future circuit boards
(PhysOrg.com, Apr 12)

Renesas heading to normal operation in Japan
(Evertiq, Apr 12)

MEMS for consumer electronics set to boom in 2011
(EE Times Europe, Apr 12)

Researchers synthesize titanium oxide nanotubes
(Solid State Technology, Apr 11)

Solar (business) efficiency drives down costs
(Pennenergy, Apr 11)

Update from Japan: Big aftershocks slow fab recoveries
(Electro IQ, Apr 11)

Researchers find replacement for rare material indium tin oxide
(PhysOrg.com, Apr 11)

New method for self-assembling molecules
(Nanowerk, Apr 11)

Renesas - UPDATE 8- Regarding the Impact of the Earthquake on Renesas Electronics Operations and Its Response to the Blackouts (As of April 6, 2011)
(TMCnet.com, Apr 08)

Packaging Roadmaps at MEPTEC
(Solid State Technology, Apr 08)

Analyst: GaAs supply chain robust after quake
(EE Times, Apr 08)

New ways to harvest solar energy
(PhysOrg.com, Apr 08)

Several Japan fabs halted by aftershock
(EE Times Europe, Apr 08)


Why is TSMC moving into 450-mm?
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Apr 07)

$110 Million Funding Announced to Advance PV Manufacturing in US
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Apr 07)

GE plans to build largest solar panel plant in US - report
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Apr 06)

Major BT resin producers recovering from Japan earthquake, say IC substrate makers
(Digitimes, Apr 06)

Japan Earthquake: The Industry Will Respond and Rebound
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Apr 06)

LED fab investment elevates equipment spending
(Solid State Technology, Apr 06)

Sony says 8 out 10 quake-hit plants operating
(Electronics Weekly, Apr 06)

The TI-National Semi Deal:
(Design News, Apr 05)

Impact of Japan Disaster Boosts Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue in 2011
(Electronic Products Magazine, Apr 05)

Google Map: TI - Nat Semi global fabs and facilities
(Electronics Weekly, Apr 05)


March 2011

Don't manufacture HB-LEDs without holistic defect analysis
(Solid State Technology, Mar 30)


Worldwide manufacture braces itself for semiconductor shortage
(EE Times Europe, Mar 30)

Webinar to Discuss Impact of Japan Earthquake on Electronics
(PCB007, Mar 30)

2010 Top Wafer Fab Equipment Suppliers
(Evertiq, Mar 30)

Global semiconductor materials sales grow 25% in 2010, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Mar 30)

High-temperature nanomagnets could rely on heavy metals
(Solid State Technology, Mar 29)

Europe's solar FiT slashing fells PV module shipments
(Solid State Technology, Mar 29)

TSMC to start second phase of China fab construction
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 29)

TSMC Receives Increased Orders From Japanese IDMs
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 29)

SEMI: 2010 Global Semicon Materials Sales $43.55 Billion
(PCB007, Mar 29)

The incredible shrinking circuit
(PhysOrg.com, Mar 28)

Quantum dots boost solar panel efficiency
(Solid State Technology, Mar 28)

(Electro IQ, Mar 25)
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 25)
(New Electronics, Mar 25)
(Electro IQ, Mar 24)
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 24)
(Fabtech, Mar 23)

Advantest-Verigy deal looks set to go ahead despite quake
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Mar 22)

VLSI: Quake analysis has missed the boat
(EE Times Europe, Mar 22)

TSMC sees some impact from quake
(EE Times Europe, Mar 22)

Digitimes Insight: Quake will not have serious impact on OLED material supply
(Digitimes, Mar 22)

Japan earthquake suspends supply of raw materials used in 25% of global chip production, says IHS iSuppli
(Digitimes, Mar 22)

Japan Renesas restarts production at Yamagata factory
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Mar 21)
SEMI: Chip tool demand inches back up
(Solid State Technology, Mar 21)
SEMI Book-to-Bill Below Parity
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 21)

Tackling the rising cost-of-test for semiconductor devices
(Solid State Technology, Mar 14)

Semiconductor firms start aid programs for Japanese disaster
(Fabtech, Mar 14)

Chip equipment sales reach record growth in 2010, says SE

(Digitimes, Mar 11)

Innovations That Could Change the Way We Manufacture
(TMCnet.com, Mar 10)

SEMI: Chip equipment market up 148% in 2010
(EE Times, Mar 10)

Company will hire locally to support GlobalFoundries [The Post-Star, Glens Falls, N.Y.]
(TMCnet.com, Mar 10)

IBM licenses 28-nm technology to CNSE
(EE Times Europe, Mar 10)

Tool Order: Mattson receives its largest etch tool order
(Fabtech, Mar 09)

Mubadala unit plans $6b wafer plant
(TMCnet.com, Mar 09)

Apple, TSMC to expand foundry ties
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 09)


February 2011

2010 R&D achievements honored at DOE SSL workshop
(LEDs Magazine, Feb 14)

Extension Media and Sperling Media Launch Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design
(TMCnet.com, Feb 14)

Applied Materials wins Trina's Outstanding Contribution - World Purchasing Award of the Year 2010
(PV Magazine, Feb 14)

Veeco Receives $4.8M R&D Grant for CIGS Deposition Systems
(PCB007, Feb 14)

Silicon Wafer Shipments Up 40% in 2010
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab, Feb 10)

Simpler fabrication of nanogaps
(Nano TechWire, Feb 10)

Struggling X-Fab names co-CEO
(EE Times, Feb 10)

Silicon wafer shipments reach record levels in 2010, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Feb 10)

Silicon Wafer Shipments Reach Record Levels in 2010
(Circuitree, Feb 09)

Flexible silicon-on-polymer CMOS could enable 3DICs, flexible tablet PCs
(Solid State Technology, Feb 09)

Versatilis improvement in semiconducting inks for printing electronics
(Printed Electronics World, Feb 09)

UV-transparent coating for image sensors
(PhysOrg.com, Feb 08)

Is excess capacity in the IC foundry business ahead?
(Evertiq, Feb 08)

IC foundry suppliers heading for record capex in 2011, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Feb 08)

Semiconductor industry will peak mid-year 2011, says Semico prez
(Electro IQ, Feb 07)

Higgs boson and graphene: Shared negative curvature could provide clues to sought-after particle
(Solid State Technology, Feb 07)

Breakthrough in Creating Next Gen Computer Chips
(PCB007, Feb 07)

Wafer sales revenues grew 40% in 2010
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 07)

New material for semis said to beat silicon
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 04)

X-Fab buys stake in MEMS foundry firm
(EE Times, Feb 03)

Markets Opening to Printed Electronics
(PCB007, Feb 03)

New lithography technique allows nanoscale resolution with visible light
(Nano Werk, Feb 02)

Printed Electronics Enters Fast Growth Phase
(Electronic Products, Feb 02)

EUV litho era begins, but is it ready?
(EE Times Europe, Feb 02)

Bilayer gate solves plastic transistor woes
(EE Times, Feb 01)

New material for semis said to beat silicon
(EE Times, Feb 01)

Tool Order: TSMC expanding 200mm fab in China
(Fabtech, Feb 01)

LED Korea 2011: A Success with New Technology, Latest Products, and Industry Collaboration Featured
(TMCnet.com, Feb 01)

TSMC tips 450-mm fab
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 01)

Global semiconductor sales hit record $298.3billion in 2010
(New Electronics, Feb 01)


January, 2011

Stop Agonizing: 2011 Will Be a Strong Year
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jan 31)

New Transistor for Plastic Electronics
(PCB007, Jan 31)

TSMC Ups Capex, Outlook Mixed
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jan 28)

"New Transistor for Plastic Electronics Exhibits the Best of Both Worlds"
(Nanotechnology Now, Jan 28)

Europe awards contract to assess 450-mm pilot line
(EE Times Europe, Jan 28)

Lam Research claims 54% of etch equipment market
(Fabtech, Jan 27)

Europe awards contract to assess 450-mm pilot line
(EE Times, Jan 27)

‘Very strong’ 2011 for ICs; double digit boom in 2012.
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 27)

TSMC posts record 2010; plans US$7.8 billion in 2011 capex
(Digitimes, Jan 27)

US, UK join forces for nano safety
(Solid State Technology, Jan 26)

Intel Plans Spending Increase to $100 Million on U.S. University Research
(Bloomberg, Jan 26)

MEMS market to grow 9.5% in 2011, says IHS
(EE Times, Jan 26)

Nanotape could make solder pads obsolete
(EE Times Europe, Jan 24)

Top ten OEMs buy 34 percent of chips, says Gartner
(EE Times Europe, Jan 24)

Globalfoundries Sales to Grow More Than 15%, CEO Says
(Businessweek, Jan 24)

Five IC makers join $3B 'capex club'
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jan 23)

Nanotape could make solder pads obsolete
(EE Times, Jan 23)

New growth phase for plastic electronics
(+Plastic Electronics, Jan 21)

Silicon semiconductor entanglement realized by quantum computing researchers at Keio and Oxford Universities
(Solid State Technology, Jan 21)

TSMC places equipment orders with Applied Materials, Varian and others
(Fabtech, Jan 21)

N.A. Semicon Equipment Industry Posts December B2B 0.9
(PCB007, Jan 21)

Consolidation Thins the Ranks of Leading-Edge Semiconductor Foundries
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jan 21)

A Technology Roadmap for PV – 2011 is the Year to Be Heard!
(EMS Now, Jan 21)

SEMI, SEAJ book-to-bill ratios slip in December 2010
(Digitimes, Jan 21)

Packaging, assembly changes coming in next ITRS Update
(Electro IQ, Jan 19)

3-D gesture control breaks out of the game box
(EE Times, Jan 19)

Applied Materials support China Solar Decathlon
(EMS Now, Jan 19)

IBM 'fab club' switches high-k camps
(EE Times, Jan 18)

Is fab tool business model broken?
(EE Times, Jan 18)

EARNINGS PREVIEW: European Chip Sector Set For Further Growth
(The Wall Street Journal (Asia), Jan 18)

SMC 2011: Trends in materials, markets, and the supply chain
(Electro IQ, Jan 17)

Dirk Stenkamp joins SEMI Europe Advisory Board
(EMS Now, Jan 17)

Intel’s spending plan boosts chip-equipment stocks
(Investors.com, Jan 14)

Air Products And Linde Form Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride Joint Venture
(TheStreet, Jan 12)

GlobalFoundries sets sights on Mems production
(ZDNet UK, Jan 12)

China Announces Measures To Boost Chip, Software Industries - Xinhua
(The Wall Street Journal (Asia), Jan 12)

SEMI Recognizes Developers of Tessera Chip-Scale Packaging Technology
(Yahoo! Finance US, Jan 11)

Changes Presenting Time at the 13th Annual Needham Growth Conference
(Report Linker, Jan 11)

Semiconductor Industry Veteran Erik C. Smith Joins Alchimer As Chief Operating Officer
(Report Linker, Jan 11)

Taiwanese chipmaker MStar posts US$1bln in 2010 revenue
(Report Linker, Jan 11)

Intel's truce with Nvidia shows industry's shifts
(iStockAnalyst, Jan 10)

UPDATE: Advanced Micro CEO Resigns; Co Seeks Faster Turnaround
(The Wall Street Journal (Asia), Jan 10)

SmarTrend's Trend Spotter Sees Continued Upward Momentum on Shares of Verigy (VRGY)
(Investors.com, Jan 08)

Samsung Electronics' Not-So-Bad Quarter
(The Wall Street Journal - Europe, Jan 08)

Inkjet, laser, Memjet? Fast color printers on tap
(iStockAnalyst, Jan 07)

2011 predictions for printed electronics
(EE Times Europe, Jan 05)

Research lays foundation for new era of electronics
(PhysOrg.com, Jan 04)

Qualcomm To Build Plant In Taiwan
(Manufacturing.net, Jan 04)

Intel Details Upcoming New Processor Generations
(Intel, Jan 04)

RFID Market to Reach $2.4 Billion by 2014
(PCB007, Jan 03)

November's 'actual' global chip sales slip below par
(EE Times, Jan 03)

USB 3.0 chipmakers to push into new AMD platform
(Digitimes, Jan 03)

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