Korea Standards Update: First Transparent Display Standard

Korea Standards Update:  First Transparent Display Standard

by Natalie Shim, SEMI Korea

The Flat Panel Display market has grown and achieved great success over the past 20 years. Recently, however, the high inventory in the global FPD TV market has impacted the FPD panel industry, causing tepid panel shipments, continued oversupply and falling panel prices. Also the IT devices such as the monitor and laptop market and TV market are saturated.  It is difficult to imagine anything will stimulate FPD panel demand.

To resolve the crisis, the FPD industry has been looking for a solution to increase market demand and is now considering promising flexible and transparent display technologies.

Through several international exhibitions, transparent displays have garnered public attention because of its versatility of use. Moreover Samsung Electronic announced 22” transparent LCD mass production in March 2011, which gave the FPD industry a boost in its expectation of a market rebound. Display Bank forecasts that the transparent display market will grow to $87.2 billion in 2025.

To keep pace with the rapid changes in the market, SEMI started to involve transparent display standard activity by approving the very first transparent display standard, Optical Characteristics Measurement Method for transparent display in Korea.

The Optical Characteristics Task Force, under the Korea FPD Metrology Technical Committee, will work on developing optical characteristics measurement conditions, measurement methods and analysis method.  The first draft document will come out 1Q 2012.

JongSeo Lee (Samsung Electronic), the TF leader and co-chair of the committee, said that this activity can contribute to the FPD industry by providing essential transparent display related standards which are referable in time.

SEMI also supports flexible display standards activities such as e-Paper Optical Property Measurement Method and Plastic-Substrate Terminology.

SEMI Standards Watch, December 2011