SEMI Arizona Chapter Steering Committee

SEMI Arizona Steering Committee



David Kirsch (Co-Chair)
VP & GM North America
 Bob Tucker (Co-Chair)
Vice President and General Manager

Zsolt Marcet
Supply Chain Engineer
Intel Corporation


Danny Thompson
Director, Industrial Associates Program
LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science
Arizona State University

Thomas McGlew
Training Developer
ASM America, Inc.
 Pete Weinert
Site Operations Manager
Applied Materials
Kevin Peterson
Director of Sales & Marketing
JX Nippon Mining & Metals
 Bob Hollands
Director of Marketing
ASM America, Inc.
Jeff Wells
Director, Business Development
CollabraTech Solutions
 Don Ream
Sales & Marketing Manager
ASM Pacific
Mike G. Johnson
Site Operations Manager
Applied Materials

Jeff Luth

Emerald Greig
Vice President, US & Europe Sales
Surplus Global
 Spencer Wall
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
OEM Group
Paul Totten
Regional Sales Manager
 Tiffany Zinn
Global Communications Manager
Versum Materials
Joanne Itow
Managing Director
Semico Research Corporation
 Mike Alexander 
Sales Professional
Entegris, Inc.
Ciel Villawatkins
Sr. Technical Staff
Abbie Gregg, Inc.
 Debi Polo
Marketing Communications Manager
Amkor Technology

Stefan Radloff (Past Co-Chair)
Technologist, Strategic Program Office
Technology Manufacturing Engineering
Intel Corporation

 Mike O’Brien
Supply Chain Engineer
Intel Corporation
Adrienne Gerard
Business Development Manager
 Lisa Bradley
Marketing Communications Manager
NXP Semiconductor
Dan Teff
Product Development Manager
Fujifilm Electronic Materials USA, Inc
 Richard Wen
Applications Engineering Manager
Fujifilm Electronic Materials USA, Inc.
Barrie VanDevender
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Axus Technology