Emerging Market Opportunities for SEMI Members

Emerging Market Opportunities for SEMI Members

By Tom Morrow, EVP, SEMI Emerging Markets

In the annual SEMI Member Satisfaction Survey, 90 percent of our members reported that helping promote and commercialize emerging market opportunities was “important” or “very important,” and rated among the highest of all SEMI services provided to members.  It also received nearly double the importance rating it received in 2007.  SEMI members know that semiconductor processing technology— and the products and services that enabled the amazing growth of the chip industry— are growing in demand in areas like HB-LEDs, MEMS, printed/organic electronics, and power semiconductors.

In discussions with SEMI committees, individual member companies and manufacturers from around the world, I consistently hear the same message— bring the established processes, Best Practices and world-class supply chain of the semiconductor industry to these new markets to help accelerate scale, quality and globalization. Stakeholders want to leverage the experiences and learning of the semiconductor world and apply them to the unique needs and requirements of a new industry, particularly in the areas of standards, market data and supplier/customer collaboration and networking.  

We are actively listening to member input and have gauged our activities to meet the needs of the supply chain. This year, major accomplishments include:

  • Emerging Market Opportunities for SEMI Members image 1Added dedicated Emerging Market Forums and Pavilions to all SEMICON Events— SEMI now offers dedicated exhibition space and programs for HB-LEDs at SEMICON Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea (LED Korea) and West. SEMI offers special MEMs programs at SEMICON Japan, Taiwan, Europe, and West and printed/organic electronics programs at SEMICON Japan, Europe, and West, in addition to Display Taiwan, and FPD China.  Each of these events brings more quality buyers to SEMI events and more value to our exhibitors and attendees.  (Photo: LED Pavilion, SEMICON Taiwan)
  • Extended SEMI International Standards to New Industries— Since the HB-LED Standard Committee was formed last November, the Committee has been on the fast track developing standards for sapphire wafers and factory automation interfaces.  These standards are essential to reach cost, yield and productivity goals necessary to expand the LED market to solid state lighting applications.  Already the standards effort has widespread industry support from manufacturers around the world.  The MEMS Standards efforts have also been progressing with two new standards recently adopted. 
  • Emerging Market Opportunities for SEMI Members image 2Market Information Programs— The “Opto/LED FabWatch and Forecast” is the only service currently available that compiles equipment spending, capacity and technology and other information on a regular basis from nearly 200 LED fabs worldwide.  SEMI also works with other research organizations— such as Yole Developpment, IMS Research, IDTechEx, NanoMarkets, and others—  to bring valuable market and technology trend information to SEMI members through webinars, articles and presentations at SEMI events (for example, join us for upcoming webinar on Power IC technology).  (Photo: Plastics Electronics Conference, SEMICON Europa)
  • Partnerships for Market Growth— An important part of our mission is to work with other organizations and associations that can help new markets and our members grow.  SEMI maintains strong relationships with organizations from around the world— such as the Plastic Electronics Foundation, TOSIA, JLEDs, CSA, MEMS Industry Group, FlexTech Alliance, ITRI, imec and others— to ensure our members are well-informed and our mutual goals well-served.

Emerging Market Opportunities for SEMI Members image 3The technologies, products and services of SEMI member companies will continue to be the engine of the modern world, enabling amazing new products that enrich and better our world.  Extending and accelerating the transference of semiconductor processing technology to important new markets like energy efficient solid state lighting and next generation printed, flexible and organic electronics is an importance mission that benefits both SEMI members and society.  (Photo: Extreme Electronics session, SEMICON West)

Navigating the frontier of new and emerging markets is challenging.  If I can answer any questions on how SEMI can help you today in adjacent industries like HB-LED, MEMS, printed/organic electronics, power semiconductors and other areas, call or write me today. 


November 8, 2011