SEMI D62: Measurement Method of LED Light Bar for Liquid Crystal Displays

SEMI D62: Measurement Method of LED Light Bar for Liquid Crystal Displays

By Catherine Chang, SEMI Taiwan

SEMI announced a new standard for liquid crystal displays, SEMI D62-0611: Measurement Method of LED Light Bar for Liquid Crystal Displays. This standard is a combined effort by AUO, ITRI, Chimei-innolux and many other Taiwan FPD supply chain companies. It is the first liquid crystal display standard for LED backlight applications. This standard will help the industry to reduce production and communication costs.  It also demonstrates Taiwan’s technological expertise which is critical for standards development.

“The display industry is huge and supply chains are very complex link, therefore, international standards are key to industrial development.” said Mr. Lu, VP of AUO, “SEMI D62 was developed to solve this problem and to provide relevant test methods for LED light bar in LCD backlight units.”

This measurement standard defines measurement methods and reporting requirements for various characteristics of light emitting diode (LED) light bars for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). This standard will be helpful to unify measurement methodologies used for electro-optical and mechanical characteristics which can be used to improve the quality of integrated LED backlight units and track conformity to original design rules.

SEMI D62-0611:

  • Is a generic specification for electro-optical and mechanical measurement methods of LED light bar used for LCDs
  • Is intended to address many common types of LED light bar designs
  • Is suitable for common types of LED light bars with edge (or side) type backlight unit designs
  • Is suitable for both side-view and top-view surface mount device (SMD) LEDs
  • Includes practical methodologies for flux, intensity, color, and geometric specification measurements. The measured optical characteristics are appropriate for practical operating conditions used as an extended source, rather than a multi-point-source

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