North America Standards Fall 2011 Meetings Schedule

North America Standards Fall 2011 Meetings

SEMI North America Standards Fall 2011 Meetings

Draft schedule Information: Updated: Oct 21, 2011

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Detailed Schedule with room assignment (updated Oct 21, 2011)

Draft Committee Meeting Information


Meeting Date



■ MEMS/NEMS (Agenda)Monday, October 24SEMI
■ 3DS-IC (Agenda)Tuesday, October 25SEMI
■ Facilities & Gases (TFs and Committee Agenda)Tuesday, October 25SEMI
■ Liquid Chemicals (Agenda)Tuesday, October 25SEMI
■ Silicon Wafer (TFs & Committee Agenda)Tuesday, October 25INTEL
■ Automated Test Equipment (Agenda)Wednesday, October 26SEMI
■ Information & Control (Agenda)Wednesday, October 26SEMI
■ Metrics (Agenda)Wednesday, October 26SEMI
■ Physical Interfaces & Carriers (Agenda)Wednesday, October 26INTEL
■ Photovotaic/Photovoltaic Materials (TFs & Committee Agenda)Wednesday, October 26SEMI
■ Environmental, Health & Safety (Agenda)Thursday, October 27Applied Materials
■ Traceability (Agenda)Thursday, October 27SEMI
■ HB-LED (Agenda)Thursday, October 27SEMI