Asia’s Share of PV Cell Production to Reach 85% in 2011

Asia’s Share of PV Cell Production to Reach 85% in 2011

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Statistics from both Photon and IEK (International Energy Knowledge, Taiwan industry research institute) have placed Taiwan as the world’s second largest PV cell producer with about 14% market share in 2010. While nearly 80% of PV modules were produced in the region in 2010, IMS Research estimates that Asia’s share of PV cell production will reach nearly 85% by the end of 2011. The market research firm projects such market domination would continue to rise in the future. On the other hand, Solarbuzz projected in its Q1 report that market share of PV cells for Chinese, Taiwanese and rest of world producers is estimated to reach 74% in 2011, a 66% increase from market share in 2010’s fourth quarter.

2010 Global PV Cell Production Share

PV manufacturing in Taiwan has also made gains.  In recent news, TSMC announced that they formed a solar subsidiary TSMC Solar Ltd and AUO Crystal Corp. (ACC) announced that they will establish a solar wafer plant in Taiwan in order to hit a 300MW capacity target next year.  Both will strengthen the competiveness of PV manufacturing of Taiwan. With decades of experience, Taiwan's PV industry is firmly established at every level from upstream ingots and wafers, midstream cells and modules to downstream systems.

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August 2, 2011