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Students love the technology powering the electronic devices they rely on so heavily. But few make the connection between their iPod, cell phone, or PC and their future career choices. High Tech U changes that. In program after program, students experience magical "Ah ha!" moments.

In those moments of understanding, the direction of lives changes, because students realize that not only is high tech cool … but high tech can be a life-long passion and a rewarding career.

"The spontaneous, enthusiastic response I get from students keeps me coming back as a volunteer instructor. I can see that what I do is playing a role in shaping the future of many of our High Tech U students. Knowing this gives me a great sense of satisfaction."
- Brad Houser, Automation Manager, Intel



High Tech U is usually three days long. The curriculum is continually revamped to ensure that it remains cutting edge, and relevant. Each year, we introduce new pilot modules for evaluation. HTU curriculum includes:

  • Math and Measurement: The Statapult: The air is filled with hacky sacks as students learn how medieval technology relates to modern day chip making in a math and statistics exercise called "Statapult." This module integrates numerous skills including reading graphs, estimation, process and quality control.

  • Atoms and Materials-Matter Matters: Through the use of batteries, light bulbs and salt water, students experiment to learn about conductivity and electricity. The module is linked together through a team game that tests their knowledge of the periodic table in a "Jeopardy"-type setting.

  • Nanotechnology: Students find out "How small is small?" and "What is nanotechnology?" They participate in small group activities that link nanotechnology to their daily lives.

  • Electronics Devices: Students work with diodes, transistors and capacitors on a breadboard to learn how to store and transmit energy.

  • Gates & Human Calculator: Students learn about three kinds of gates ("and," "or" and "not" gates) to lay the foundation for playing the Human Calculator game. Then using a "feet-on" exercise like the game "Twister," students try not to get tangled up as they simulate electron flow in microprocessors when binary numbers translate to decimals.

  • Working in Industry and Educational Pathways: Students learn about various educational and career pathways that can lead to exciting careers in the high-tech industry.

  • Preparing for a Behavioral Interview: Students learn how to prepare for, and participate in an interview. Human resource professionals lead students through the "ins and outs" of a behavioral interview-sharing why an interviewer learns more through open-ended questions than through "yes" or "no" questions.

  • Mock Interview Sessions: Students prepare for the "real world" by sharpening their job interviewing skills through one-on-one mock interviews with real hiring professionals in the high tech industry.

You can view some of these HTU activities at:

"Teachers learned first-hand (at Intel and SolarWorld in Oregon) about technology developed and used locally by the semiconductor industry, and the contributions it makes to emerging fields like solar. Back in the classroom, this knowledge will help them share a more complete and exciting picture of career possibilities here in the local workforce."

- Aubrey Clark, NW Region Education Manager, Intel

"Interning at SEMI helped me leverage the volunteering and networking skills I learned at High Tech U. It was a great experience and it's a definite plus on my resume. High Tech U reinforced my interest in high tech, and now I'm a junior majoring in Engineering at Cal Poly."

-Tony Zhang, SEMI Summer Intern, Cal Poly Engineering Student

  1. Technology is the Future
  2. High Tech U is Effective
  3. “Ah Ha!” — Students “Make the Connection”
  4. HTU Offers Relevant Curriculum
  5. Impressive Accomplishments
  6. HTU Replicators Maximize Resource Use
  7. Staying in Touch is Key
  8. Educators Are Enthusiastic about SEMI High-Tech U
  9. HTU Aligns with Sponsors’ Community Outreach Goals
  10. HTU Sponsorship Base is Growing

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