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SEMI Foundation Welcomes Your Support

We welcome your financial contributions, which help support the activities of the SEMI Foundation including the Foundation's scholarships and High Tech U programs. Donations raised for the SEMI Foundation will be used to create an organizational infrastructure that will enable the Foundation to involve and expose more students, teachers, companies, parents and the community at large to the opportunities in the microelectronics industry. With your help we will continue to help build a sustainable workforce and nurture our innovators of the future.

Four Ways to Support the SEMI Foundation

  1. CASH - You can donate online or contribute cash and send your contribution directly to:
    SEMI Foundation
    3081 Zanker Road
    San Jose, CA 95134

  2. TIME AND RESOURCES - You can donate time or resources to support our programming. At all SEMI High Tech U programs, we need volunteers from industry to instruct and interview students. It is a rewarding experience and one that will make a difference in student lives. Please contact the SEMI Foundation to find out about opportunities in your area.

  3. HOST - You can host by providing space and food for an HTU program. Industry site exposure is part of the HTU experience. By offering your facility to host a program, your company can offer a unique experience to HTU students and your employees.

4. STOCK - There are two ways to do this. Individuals can
donate stock directly to the SEMI Foundation. Companies can also contribute stock and support the Foundation in a way that also benefits the company. By using the methodology outlined below, contributing stock will not impact the cash on your company's balance sheet and the impact-to-dilution will be insignificant.

Three Steps To Donate Stock

The steps to donate stocks are:
1)  Have the CEO or CFO recommend that a grant be given to the SEMI  Foundation.
2)  Request approval of the grant amount (shares) by the company Board of Directors.
3)  Complete the Transfer Document to substantiate the transfer and any instructions.

Click here for the forms that you can use to transfer stock.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions about the SEMI High Tech U programs, the SEMI Foundation or other ways you can help, please contact Lisa Anderson, vice president, SEMI Foundation.

408.943.7860 office