An Update from EHS

An Update from EHS

SEMICON West 2011 EHS Events and Programs

SEMI EHS announces its events lineup for SEMICON West / Intersolar NA 2011. Complete information is located at: Specific events include:
- Understanding the Role of Sustainability in High Tech Manufacturing: This workshop will provide an overview of sustainability concepts, terms and key knowledge areas necessary for the corporate sustainability professional to begin assembling their sustainability skills, knowledge and tools).

- Addressing Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions in High Tech Manufacturing: Emerging government legislation on green house gases (GHGs) are creating compliance burdens for manufacturers of high technology products and the supply chains that support them.

- Complying with the Next Generation of EHS Regulations: New and existing government regulations across the globe could wreak havoc for parts for high tech manufacturing.

- Sharing Best EHS Practices in the PV Industry: The PV Group will be hosting a Workshop to identify approaches to protect workers, conserve valuable natural resources, and reduce pollution in PV manufacturing.


SEMI Submits Comments to the U.S. SEC on Conflict Minerals Legislation

In 2010, the U.S. Congress passed new legislation focusing on "Conflict Minerals", which are defined as metals that are derived / mined from areas held by rebel groups waging war with the democratically-elected government in the central African county of DR Congo. Some of these minerals are used in electronic products and the manufacturing equipment used to make these products.
In response to the legislation, SEMI set up a regulatory working group (WG) to advise SEMI members and industry partners on possible impacts of the legislation. This WG provided feedback to the SEC on legislative implementation. The feedback documents are available here:
If you would like to join the WG, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior Manager in San Jose) at


SEMI Introduces New EHS Activities for the LED / Solid State Lighting Industry

SEMI EHS recently launched new activities for SEMI members and industry partners in the LED / solid state lighting industry. To advise on these new activities, SEMI has established new LED EHS committees in Korea and Taiwan, with additional ones proposed for China, North America, and Japan. If you or your colleagues would like to join these new regional activities, please contact Sanjay Baliga at in San Jose.


SEMI Korea Launches EHS Committee

SEMI Korea recently launched a new EHS Committee to advise SEMI members and industry partners on environmental sustainability activities in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, solid state lighting, display, and related high tech industries. The committee will promote eco-friendly manufacturing, regulatory compliance, best practices, and leadership. If you or your colleagues would like to join this new Committee, please contact Natalie Shim in Seoul at or Sanjay Baliga in San Jose at

June 7, 2011