SEMI PV Group and VDMA Release Global PV Manufacturing Equipment Book-to-Bill Report

SEMI PV Group and VDMA Release Global PV Manufacturing Equipment Book-to-Bill Report

Participate in Global Book-to-Bill Program for PV Equipment

SEMI PV Group and the German Engineering Federation VDMA recently released their new quarterly Worldwide Photovoltaics (PV) Equipment Market Statistics report. It is the industry’s only book-to-bill report based on direct inputs from PV equipment manufacturers around the world.  VDMA is the acronym for Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau. 

“The PV equipment industry has been demanding accurate sales and order data on a global basis to better understand key business trends, market share, and regional dynamics to better benchmark and plan their businesses,” said Bettina Weiss, executive director, SEMI PV Group.  “That’s why we set up a comprehensive report together with VDMA covering bookings and billings data by quarter, by market region, by supply chain segment and by equipment type.”

The new report revealed that both bookings and billings have increased in all quarters of 2010.  “Sales in Q4 were twice as high as in Q1.  Newly received orders have been well above sales throughout the year,” assessed Dr. Eric Maiser, managing director of VDMA Photovoltaic Equipment. 

“With a book-to bill-ratio of 1.13, the industry is still in expansion mode, despite markets becoming more volatile,” reported Weiss.  “Equipment manufacturers are doing very well.”  Asia is by far the biggest contributor to PV equipment sales with close to an 80 percent share.  Detailed information on bookings and billings is available to program participants.

Program Combines Strengths of Both Associations

The Worldwide PV Equipment Market Statistics report is jointly produced by SEMI and VDMA. The joint report combines the secure, proven methodology and global scope of the SEMI Book-to-Bill report for semiconductor equipment with VDMA’s current PV reporting system that has provided bookings and billing information to German PV equipment manufacturers for over two years. 

“SEMI has a long history of administering data collection programs and has a great reputation in the chip industry for it. Their worldwide presence and access to a broad international community is key for the success of our joint program,” said Maiser. Weiss added, “VDMA’s statistical department covers data for all sectors of the German machinery industry, including PV. Their PV equipment program structure has been successful in Germany, a good reason for adopting it for our joint program. This way, we could create the first truly global capital equipment book-to-bill for the photovoltaics capital equipment market.” 

Why participate in the SEMI PV Book-to-Bill Program?

Employing the same methodology for data collection has clear advantages for the participants. The report is currently only available to data collection program participants.  It will be available for purchase later this year, once six quarters of equipment sales information have been accumulated.

Learn More about Participating in the PV Book-to-Bill Program

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June 7, 2011