SEMI Vision and Mission

(What we stand for)

SEMI promotes the development of the global micro and nano-manufacturing supply chain and positively influences the growth and prosperity of its members.  SEMI advances the mutual business interests of its membership and promotes fair competition in an open global marketplace.

(Our focus for the next 3-5 years)

SEMI will provide enlightened industry stewardship and effectively engage the imagination, creative energy and commitment of our members and employees to advance the interests of the global micro and nano-manufacturing supply chain.

SEMI will:

  • Satisfy members with exceptional service and outstanding products
  • Provide a clear and effective voice to advocate the business interest of our members
  • Create recognized platforms for industry networking and collaboration
  • Promote accurate and efficient communication and information exchange
  • Support initiatives that positively influence our global industry and environment
  • Foster a global continuous process improvement culture that drives strategic decision making and speed of execution