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SEMI SMC US 2011 Presentations

All documents are PDF files of presentations provided at SMC 2011 in Half Moon Bay from January 12-14, 2011.

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Customer View 

Materials: The Key to Innovative Devices

Paolo Gargini

Emerging Memory Technologies

James Hutchby

Challenges for the Memory Roadmap

Keith Cook

Customer View

Norm Armour




Conference Keynotes

Beyond the Rich

Andrew Thompson

Semiconductor Technology: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Gary Patton

Materials Innovation

Nobu Koshiba




Semiconductor Technology


Electronics Anywhere: Conformal Strechable Electronics Using Novel Mechanics & Conventional Materials

David Icke






Epitaxial Nitrade Semiconductors for Solid State Lighting

David Bour, Ph.D.

Linx-AEI Consulting

Joe Berwind

MOCVD of III/V Semiconductor – From Material Research to an Established Production Technology

Johannes Kaeppeler

High Efficiency CIGS Solar Cells: Techonology Trends and Materials Requirement

Romel Noufi



Supply Chain and Business Environment



The Next Generation Supply Chain

Jermey How

Escalating Fab Demands for Electronic Materials Adds New Challenges to Already Constrained Global Supply Chains

Kurt Carlsen

The Future of the Electronics Materials Supply Chain

Norm Armour

Driving Supply Chain Excellence

Roger Gossett

Affordable Materials with Supply Chain Innovation

Tim Hendry




Market Analysis

Stratfor 2011 Forecast and the Asia Pacific Outlook

Matt Gertken