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The immense global proliferation of electronics has become a transformative force within semiconductor, where business collaboration and innovation across market, technology, and ecosystem is becoming more important than ever. Emerging applications are broadening the scope of traditional semiconductor business, resulting in advanced capabilities and expanded ecosystems. But it's not that straightforward. 

In this world of growing semiconductor complexity serving diverse markets, sophisticated technologies, and expanding ecosystems, escalating costs related to innovation and investment requirements remain a concern. And Moore's Law continues to relentlessly push both silicon and industry to new limits associated with physics and economics. Further, consolidation has been prevalent, and for those that remain, there is huge attention on the direction being set by tech giants and game changers, alike. Technology alignment is key. 

However, traditional approaches towards doing business no longer make the cut, and with an era of disruptive innovation looming ahead, the industry is placing focus on creating value and achieving  growth using an integrative platform approach. Essentially, a breakthrough approach that fosters greater sharing of resources and more effective strategies for accomplishing mutual goals, industry-wide. 

ISS will provide a platform for speakers to deliver their unique perspective on the way forward. Attendees can expect to experience visionary presentations, covering market, technology, and manufacturing, which outline strategies and solutions for meaningful integration that will have a significant impact on the momentum of our business and the future of our dynamic industry.

Who Should Attend

The Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) is an executive conference developed for senior executives from the semiconductor and emerging technology industries.
           - Chairmen
           - CEO
           - President
           - Executive Vice President
           - Other Senior Executives
           - Financial Analysts
           - Consulting firms
           -  Market Researchers

Companies represented in 2015

ISS Committee

SEMI would like to thank the ISS 2016 Organizing Committee for their outstanding contributions in developing the agenda and direction for the upcoming conference.

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 ISS 2016

January 10-13
The Ritz Carlton
Half Moon Bay, CA



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