BIG DATA WEBINAR: GE Digital & Intel, a Partnership Approach to Scaling Predictive Maintenance Across the Supply Chain

BIG DATA WEBINAR: GE Digital & Intel, a Partnership Approach to Scaling Predictive Maintenance Across the Supply Chain

Thursday, Oct 11, 2018
08:00 AM
Thursday, Oct 11, 2018 at 08:00 AM
Online, United States

To gain and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s world, manufacturers from all industries are turning to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology. IIoT can help identify excursions in common processes, increase yield, prevent unplanned downtime due to tool failure, decrease overall maintenance costs, and improve productivity. But implementing IIoT solutions can be challenging. To overcome these challenges, Intel needed a solution that maintains a high degree of security, performs analytics at the edge, and minimizes the amount of data transmitted across the network. We were able to achieve these goals by using Intel IoT Gateways and the GE Predix platform. 

Through data standardization, partnering with industry experts, and setting measurable goals, a proven IIoT solution has allowed Intel to develop a foundation for edge-to-cloud IIoT computing that can scale to other processes and tools in the factory. 

Intel is now partnering with GE to work with OEMs and suppliers to understand how a partnership approach, along with external domain expertise, can further enhance the value of this IIoT solution. 

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Luke Smaul
Enterprise Account Executive
GE Digital

Luke Smaul is a software and manufacturing business leader who has built a ground-up career focused on learning what it takes to enable his team and customers be successful in the digital age. 

From programming in his early career through to managing multi-million dollar enterprise clients, Luke focuses on the importance of being able to effectively communicate and build relationships from the shop-floor to the C-suite. This includes more than a decade working closely with Fortune 50 companies turning strategy into execution and measurable results across the supply chain. 

His career has given him exposure and expertise in a range of business roles from product engineering, marketing, sales, operations, services and finance. This allows him to take a considered approach when working with his clients on developing digital transformation strategies.