Information & Control Japan TC Chapter

SEMI® International Standards Program

Information & Control Japan TC Chapter Meeting​

Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 13:30-17:30​

SEMI Japan office, Tokyo, Japan


1 Welcome / Call to Order

1.1 Introductions

1.2 Meeting Reminders (Membership Requirement, Antitrust and Intellectual Property Reminders, Effective Meeting Guidelines)

1.3 Agenda Review


2 Review of Previous Meeting

2.1 Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

2.2 Action Items from the previous meeting


3 Liaison Report

3.1 Europe

3.2 Korea

3.3 North America

3.4 Taiwan

3.5 Staff Report


4 Ballot Review

4.1 #6300A:  New Standard: Guide for EDA Freeze Version


5 Subcommittee & Task Force Reports

5.1 GEM300 TF

5.2 Japan I&C Maintenance TF

5.3 Sensor Bus TF

5.4 Diagnostic Data Acquisition (DDA) TF

5.5 Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) Working Group


6 Old Business

6.1 SNARF Project Period Check

6.2 5 Year Review Check


7 New Business

7.1 Editorial Changes for #6374: Line Item Revisions to SEMI E54.21-1110 (Reapproved 0517) Specification For Sensor Actuator Network For Motionnet® Communication

7.2 Editorial Changes for #6376: Line Item Revisions to SEMI E54.12-0614, Specification For Sensor/Actuator Network Communications For CC-Link

7.3 Disapproval Votes of R6375 (If any)

7.4 Schedule of meetings at SEMICON Japan 2018


8 Action Item Review

8.1 Open Action Items

8.2 New Action Items


9 Next Meeting and Adjournment


Standards Contact Information:

Mizue Iwamura
Coordinator, Standards, SEMI Japan
Phone: 81-3-3222-5760

Std Meeting Reminder