Gases & Facilities Japan TC Chapter Joint Meeting

SEMI® International Standards Program

Gases & Facilities Japan TC Chapter Joint Meeting

Friday, June 29, 2018, Begin 14:00 –End 17:00​

SEMI Japan office, Tokyo, Japan



1  Welcome/Call to Order
1.1  Introductions
1.2  Required Elements (Membership Requirements, Antitrust and Intellectual Property Reminders, and Effective Meeting Guidelines)
1.3  Agenda Review
2  Review of Previous Meeting Minutes
3  Liaison Report
3.1  Facilities North America TC Chapter
3.2  Gases North America TC Chapter
3.3  Gases Europe TC Chapter
3.4  Facilities Korea TC Chapter
3.5  Staff Report
4  Ballot Review
5  Subcommittee & Task Force Reports
5.1  Gases Japan TC Chapter
5.2  Facilities Japan TC Chapter
5.2.1  F1 Revision Task Force
5.2.2  5-year-review Task Force
6  Old Business
7  New Business

8  Action Item Review
8.1  Open Action Items
8.2  New Action Items
9  Next Meeting and Adjournment
9.1  The next meeting is scheduled for <date> at <event/location>.


Standards Contact Information:

Mizue Iwamura
Coordinator, Standards, SEMI Japan
Phone: 81-3-3222-5760

Std Meeting Reminder