OSAT Database

Worldwide OSAT Manufacturing Sites Database

A comprehensive database covering worldwide facilities OSAT that provide outsourced semiconductor assembly and testing manufacturing services.

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Principal Analysts: Dr. Dan Tracy of SEMI and E. Jan Vardaman of TechSearch Inc.

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Worldwide OSAT Manufacturing Sites Database offers access and insights into global OSAT facilities in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Over 280 facilities are tracked in this database covering both OSAT packaging and test facilities. The report also highlights new and emerging package offerings by manufacturing location. Specific details tracked include:
• Plant site technology capability: Tape and Reel, Test
• Packaging assembly service offered: BGA, specific leadframe type such as QFP, QFN, SO, flip chip bumping, WLP, Modules/SIP, etc.

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Product Information


  • Company information and manufacturing sites, including headquarter and regional facility information, ownership and partnership status
  • Plant site with approximate plant area
  • Device technology capabilities
  • Plant site technology capabilities
  • Assembly services offered
  • Industry analyst comments


  • Gain insight to worldwide OSAT facilities capabilities and expertise
  • Understand trends and development of key packaging markets and technologies
  • Use benchmark data to validate business opportunities and assumptions
  •  Improve business analysis and empower your market research with verified, validated, and credible information

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The source of information for this study is based on both primary and secondary research. The primary research includes in-person interviews and surveys with industry contacts from nearly 100 OSAT facilities worldwide.

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