Key to the SEMI-MSIG's mission is providing opportunities for our members to connect and collaborate on some of the biggest issues in the industry. Driven by member requests and changing industry needs, we have formed several working groups to open a dialogue into key issues and seek solutions that will benefit the entire industry.

We invite you to explore recent activities and accomplishments for the following working groups and task forces, and to join us to help tackle these important issues! 

Technical Advisory Committee
The Technical Advisory Committee supports the MEMS and Sensors Industry Group (MSIG)'s overall mission of advancing MEMS and sensors across global markets by offering non-binding technical expertise and advice. This includes: 

  • Recommendation of technical focus areas for:
    • Conferences, workshops and forums
    • Potential R&D programs funding
  • Review and development of technical materials

Governing Council
The Governing Council represents the interests of the MEMS and Sensor Industry Group (MSIG) to the management of SEMI and the SEMI International Board of Directors. The group is composed of executives from companies spanning the supply chain of MEMS and sensors technology and of varied sized companies. Members primarily have industry experience useful in advising MSIG as it works to fulfill its mission to advance MEMS and sensors across global markets. Members of the Governing Council meets several times a year and via teleconference to chart and advise staff on strategic activities and future direction of SEMI-MSIG. Each position on the SEMI-MSIG Governing Council carries a minimum of one 3-year term to be extended up to one time.

Microelectronics Supply Chain Convergence Task Force 
The Microelectronics Supply Chain Convergence Task Force identifies common semiconductor, MEMS and sensors manufacturing challenges relevant to our members and focus on addressing mutually beneficial solutions.

Core Standards Working Group 
The Core Standards Working Group meet to develop a series of technical specifications, industry standards and best practices for MEMS and sensor devices and plastforms. The ultimate aim is to advance the use and expansion of MEMS and sensors worldwide. 

MEMS Standards Initiative
The MEMS/NEMS Technical Committee works on unique requirements of standards for MEMS and NEMS devices that cannot be handled by existing technical committees. To join, contact Laura Nguyen at or fill out this short application



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