MEMS and sensors are integral to billions of electronic devices but it is people collaborating, networking, and communicating that form a successful ecosystem. We provide multiple opportunities throughout the year for industry professionals to gather, discuss and connect. Attend, speak or sponsor one of our events today and take advantage of the opportunity to put your company in the spotlight. 

    SEMI-MSIG & Partner Events

    October 11, 2018






    SEMI Big Data Webinar: GE Digital & Intel, a Partnership Approach to Scaling Predictive Maintenancec Across the Supply Chain
    To gain and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s world, manufacturers from all industries are turning to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology. To overcome these challenges, Intel needed a solution that maintains a high degree of security, performs analytics at the edge, and minimizes the amount of data transmitted across the network. We were able to achieve these goals by using Intel IoT Gateways and the GE Predix platform. 







    October 17, 2018





    SEMI EMG Webinar: The Evolving Landscape of EUV and Materials
    EUV has been under development for over 20 years with each new year bringing it ever closer to a reality. Recent progress in EUV technology shows a path to implementation. This webinar will provide some insight as to the material supply chain needed to support EUV as well as a status and challenges update on EUV technology as we move to wafer production. 






    October 28-30, 2018

    MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress
    Attend the flagship Executive Congress as they break down the challenges facing the industry and shed light on the many new and emerging business opportunities. The Technology Showcase highlights the newest and most unique MEMS/sensors-enabled applications in the industry. 
    Napa, California, U.S.

    November 14, 2018

    MEMS Session @ SEMICON Europe
    Join us in this informative TechARENA session on MEMS and learn from industry experts. We will follow 'the red line' through the MEMS product lifecycle from device design through the application in the final product with stops covering MEMS design, a foundry perspective, device testing, dicing, and applications as well as a market overview.
    Munich, Germany

    DecemberMEMS & Sensors ForumTokyo, Japan
    February 19-20, 2019

    MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress
    The theme is "Sensor Systems Enabling Autonomous Mobility." Autonomous Mobility is often thought about when discussing vehicles, yet it can equally apply today when we consider wearables, the point of care medical devices, food delivery and agriculture platforms and remote monitoring systems such as environmental, weather, energy, industrial IoT, etc. This event is co-located with FLEX 2019.
    Monterey, California, U.S.



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