Yannick Pilloux, Plasmatherm Abstract

Title:  Flexible layout, more dies per wafer by Plasma dicing technology

Abstract:  MEMS devices become more and more tiny to be integrated in smartphones and tablets, manufacturing cost has to be reduced to serve Internet of Things (IoT) market for smart homes and smart cities. Die size are shrinking as well as packaging size, while dicing quality needs to be drastically improved. This paper will describe a new technology named ‘Plasma Dicing’ which help to answer all above challenges with benefit to reduce cost per die by adding more dies per wafer. Plasma dicing is a unique technology able to improve dicing quality w/o having chipping, cracks, and is able to remove the seal ring which protect the die, in case of use of laser dicing technology. In addition, plasma dicing is non-sequential dicing technology which allow flexible layout design by dicing circle and hexagonal die shapes, and allows to optimize dies layout.