Carolyn White, AMFitzgerald Abstract

Title:  Development of a High-Performance Micromirror Array Using the MEMS Ecosystem

Abstract:  AMFitzgerald and its client (to be named if the abstract is accepted) are developing an actuator for a micromirror array with a > 99% fill factor, large rotation (>10°) and high speeds (~40 kHz small stepping rate). In addition, the actuation architecture is a platform technology upon which a number of application specific micromirror arrays can be developed. In order to achieve these performance specifications, a close-packed array of electrostatic comb drive actuators were designed and fabricated. The technical challenges of making such a device required MEMS-focused process steps and expert knowledge that was enhanced by tapping into the MEMS Ecosystem. Using actual process examples, topics such as form factor-driven process challenges, development strategies for proof of concept budgets, and integrating vendor services will be addressed.