Stephen Breit, Coventor Abstract

Title:  Enabling Easy Customization of MEMS Sensors for Integrated High-Value Solutions

Abstract:  A number of industry trends are conspiring to create challenging business conditions for the MEMS industry. These trends include proliferation of MEMS technology, consolidation of advanced CMOS manufacturing (making MEMS appealing to those left behind), commoditization of MEMS for consumer electronics, and increasing market pressure for More-than-Moore integration. The path to higher profitability lies in satisfying demands for systems with smaller form factor, lower power, higher performance and/or lower cost while reducing development time and costs. In many cases, these demands can only be met through ability to customize MEMS for specific applications and/or customized package-level and chip-scale integration of MEMS-enabled systems. Currently, customization requires a high level of MEMS expertise, years of development, and deep pockets. To reduce the time and cost of developing high-value system solutions, the MEMS industry can follow a path similar to the fabless/foundry model in the CMOS industry.