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Flexible Sensors and Flexible Electronics for Healthcare Applications: Business Cases - n-tech Research
Learn about how printed sensors and flexible electronics play a role in medical applications  in this hour-long webinar. 

Manufacturing a Flexible Version of an Arduino® Microcontroller Board - NextFlex
What is an Arduino? It’s an open source microcontroller-based system for automation and IOT applications, used widely for prototyping and has freely available compilers and hardware extension kits. There are many devices that require flexible form factors that would benefit from this developer tool, but currently Arduino is only available in a rigid format.

Overview of the 5G New Radio Physical Layer - National Instruments 
In this webinar, you will learn about the recently specified New Radio physical layer implementation that makes the 5G future possible, including the waveforms, numerology, mmWave operation and Multi-user MIMO, and the concept of Bandwidth Parts for more efficient spectrum utilization.

Process Control and Root Cause Analysis for More-than-Moore and Advanced IC Technologies  - Applied Materials
Learn about how Applied Materials address current technology challenges and methods for enhancing production quality for defect review, wafer inspection and CD-SEM in this hour-long webinar. 

Connected @ SEMI - Member Only Access

Members of the MEMS and Sensors Industry Group connect through online communities. Here, they can access a variety of Member Only content as well as network. 

Content posted by our members in the MSIG Member Only community includes: 

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Want to Learn More About MEMS?

View our short tutorial on the role and importance of MEMS devices.  Do you realize how often you encounter MEMS devices every day?

Want to Learn About SEMI Standards and MEMS?  View the webinar below or click here download a copy of the slides.

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