MSEC 19 Cynthia Wright_ABSTRACT


KEYNOTE: Cyber Security and Privacy in the Age of Autonomous Sensing 

Cynthia Wright
Principal Cyber Security Engineer, MITRE Corporation 

The MEMS and sensors industry is on the cusp of explosive growth, with hundreds of billions of autonomous mobility devices proliferating across markets as diverse as wearables, smartphones, refrigerators, agriculture, health and medical devices, and military hardware. At the same time, IoT botnet attacks like Mirai — and other demonstrated cyberattacks on home devices, vehicles, and infrastructure — highlight the increasingly urgent need to address cybersecurity and privacy in MEMS-enabled devices. MITRE Corp. cyber security expert Cynthia Wright will discuss drivers and considerations for industry executives preparing to get ahead of this wave in her keynote at the 14th annual MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress. 

Wright, a retired military officer with over 25 years of experience in national security and cyber strategy and policy, will highlight emerging threats targeting autonomous devices, the critical importance of device security in ensuring reliability and end-user safety, some ongoing standards initiatives, and return-on-investment considerations for industry executives.