MSEC 18 Tech Showcase-- NXP



  • What is it: Asset Tracking is basically tracking the journey of a package in transit using Motion Sensors. Motion sensors track the critical motion events a package goes through while being transported from one place to another.  

  • How is it unique: This application is unique as it has not yet been adopted by any major transportation or logistics company today. GPS has started getting popular commercially but using motion sensors to track a package’s journey is very new and unique. Edge Computing is another unique aspect of this application. All the events are generated on the edge and only the event bits are sent to the host/cloud for analysis. That results in a comprehensive motion profile that can be seen at the end of the package’s journey using the Asset Tracking software.

  • What market does it target: Industrial IoT, Smart Transport and Medical IoT

  • What problems does it solve: This technology allows logistics companies to understand the transportation trend of packages across the globe. This data and level of understanding help the companies to pinpoint the transportation discrepancies and fix it over a period of time. It promotes a culture of safe and efficient transportation of goods.  It also helps end customers to protect their high-cost goods from poor handling and damage.