MSEC 18 Tech Showcase-- N5 Sensors



N5’s patented technology provides multi-gas detection capability in 5 x 5 x 1.7 mm surface-mount packages. By combining high-performance semiconductor (wide bandgap gallium nitride on silicon) and power of nanoscale catalytic materials, we have created a low-power gas sensing platform that operates at wide temperature ranges without a microheater.  

The technology represents a major improvement in chip-scale gas sensors and overcomes the major performance drawbacks of conventional metal-oxide (MOX) gas sensors such as selectivity, poisoning, and drift. N5’s target markets and applications are industrial detection, first-response, smart cities, demand-controlled ventilation, wearable, and consumer electronic devices.

Modern life leaves us more and more exposed to toxic and hazardous chemicals and gases. Small, low-cost, and smart sensors bring detection power to consumers allowing them to make informed decisions.