MSEC 18 Tech Showcase-- ALERTGY



Diabetics presently don’t have a noninvasive wearable way of continuously measuring their blood glucose levels and trends. Alertgy provides an inexpensive means to fill this major unmet need in a mature market. The Alertgy Glucose Monitor (GM) is a system consisting of a wristband containing a biosensor device that is enabled by a smartphone application that provides diabetics with on-demand real-time levels and trend, their doctors with complete blood sugar logs, and automated alerts for highs and lows to the user. If the user is not capable of taking action our system also can alert their loved ones, caregivers, or doctors. Alertgy has developed a functional wearable prototype and demonstrated in clinical testing that its performance meets or exceeds that of the currently used SMBG systems on the market. Alertgy uses a very weak electromagnetic field generated by its wristband sensor to look into the body to produce a spectrum that provides an accurate measurement of the amount of blood sugar present in the wrist area of the body. The core sensing technology used by Alertgy, dielectric spectroscopy, has been clearly demonstrated and documented in numerous academic publications to be capable of measuring blood glucose, non-invasively, in a laboratory environment. The system uses proprietary and patented dielectric materials and signal processing to significantly enhance performance in both selectivity and sensitivity for the blood glucose measurement. The founders of Alertgy have successfully demonstrated these technologies for several other applications for DOD missions in the past.