Mike Hack - Organic Vapor Jet Printing

Session 4: Displays

Organic Vapor Jet Printing: a Solvent-Less, Mask-Less Patterning Technology for OLED Displays
Tuesday, February 13, 2018
2:20 PM - 2:45 PM

Organic Vapor Jet Printing (OVJP) is a solvent-less, mask-less printing technology for depositing patterned small molecule organic materials to manufacture large area side by side R-G-B OLED displays. Commercial manufacture of large area (TV), side-by-side RGB OLED displays is currently challenged by lack of a suitable methodology for the patterned OLED deposition. Fine metal masks used for mobile OLED displays have not been proven to scale to greater than Gen 8, and scanning smaller shadow masks across a large area has not provided acceptable yield. Inkjet technology has been in development for many years and has yet to provide sufficient performance for volume manufacturing. Organic Vapor Jet Printing (OVJP) has been developed to print patterned OLED layers for large area displays, while avoiding issues arising from the use of fine metal masks and use of solvents.


Speaker's Biography

Dr. Michael Hack, is Vice-President of Business Development at Universal Display Corporation. Prior to joining UDC in 1999, he was associated with dpiX, a Xerox Company, where he was responsible for manufacturing flat panel displays and digital medical imaging products based on amorphous silicon TFT technology. Dr. Hack received his Ph. D. degree from Cambridge University, England in 1981 and in 2007 Dr. Hack was elected a Fellow of the Society for Information Display. In 2014 Dr. Hack was nominated to serve on the board of the U.S. OLED Lighting Coalition to promote the advancement and commercialization of OLED lighting.


Mike Hack
VP of Business Development
Universal Display Corporation