Mike Deppe - Evolution, qualification and latest developments

Session 15: Flexible Electronics Manufacturing

Evolution, Qualification and Latest Developments of Printed Hybrid Electronics
Thursday, February 15, 2018
9:25 AM - 9:45 AM

Advanced sheet-based and roll-to-roll printing processes offer actual, mass-market solutions for HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications for car interior and appliances, and, flexible sensors for personal diagnostics, medical wearables, and fitness products.

New printing materials and processes are being developed to answer market requirements concerning miniaturization, high translucency, and cost effectiveness.

Platforms for hybrid printed electronics offer the capability to assemble electronic components and Integrated Circuits (IC’s) to flexible, polyester substrates. This allows the best of both worlds of semiconductors and printed electronics. Innovative and future component assembly technologies offer new hybrid printed electronics solutions, and technology roadmaps for flexible electronics systems.

This presentation will describe the evolution of the following printed electronics aspects:

- Natural evolution of high-volume capacitive touch sensing: from existing mass-market HMI solutions (silver, carbon and pedot based) to new technologies under qualification (nano-wire, fine line printing, IMC – In-Mold Circuits)

- Actual and future solutions for hybrid printed electronics: from component and IC assembly to a roadmap of attachment of thinned IC’s to PET substrates

Speaker's Biography

Mike Deppe is the Director of Engineering and Project Management for Molex’s Printed Circuit Solutions Business Unit.  He has over 15 years of experience in printed electronics and automated assembly, with half of those years focused on profitable growth as Operations Manager.  He is now leading development efforts to advance design, processing and manufacturing capabilities for hybrid electronics.  Including design centers in Taiwan, China and the US, he has global product development responsibilities for Human Machine Interface (HMI) assemblies, copperflex products, printed electronics and sensor systems.

Mr. Deppe earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Economics from Purdue University.


Mike Deppe
Director of Engineering & Project Management