Mike Banach - Flexible Organic Electronics: From Lab to Fab to the Next Wave of Products

Session 3: Flexible Displays

Flexible Organic Electronics: From Lab to Fab to the Next Wave of Products
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 
3:00 PM - 3:20 PM

Organic electronics will play a pivotal role in interactive products, by enabling flexible displays and sensors that break form factor constraints of glass, and unlocking new use cases. Bringing such breakthrough technology from lab to fab has required development on multiple fronts, across materials, process and device design. All the pieces are now in place to enable the mass production of high performance flexible colour video-rate displays and sensors (fingerprint, X Ray and image sensors). What will the first products be, and what value does organic electronics bring to different markets?


Speaker's Biography

Mike Banach is the Technical Director at FlexEnable. He started his career as a researcher in flexible electronics at the Air Force Research Laboratories at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in USA. He initially joined Plastic Logic in 2003 and played an instrumental role in developing and industrialising its proprietary flexible electronic technology. At FlexEnable Mike and his team have delivered breakthrough technology developments with organic transistors including flexible displays (OLED and OLCD) and sensor arrays. He holds a doctorate degree from the University of Cambridge and a BA from the University of Cincinnati.


Mike Banach