Michiel Top - Application of high-rate PECVD

Session 12: FE Tools & Methods

Application of high-rate PECVD for improved mechanical stability of Roll-to-roll manufactured flexible organic electronics
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
4:20 PM - 4:40 PM

Roll-2-Roll processing of flexible organic electronics shows great potential to increase the production capacity and reduce the manufacturing cost. However, this requires a minimum mechanical stability to avoid damage during processing and winding of the web. This paper reports on the progress made using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) for the deposition of protective coatings, which improve the mechanical stability of water vapor barrier films and organic devices. The coatings do not only improve the stability during manufacturing but also show major potential to improve the device stability during operation. The PECVD process is based on a hollow cathode arc discharge that allows the high-rate deposition of dense polymeric coatings. The results in this paper demonstrate the deposition of thin film coatings with low residual stress coatings as well as good adhesion properties to PSA Adhesives. The high deposition rates (up to 1 µm*m/min) and low deposition pressure (1-3 Pa) allow in-line combination with for example thin sputtered barrier layers. The protective coating reduces the damage to the barrier layer during rewinding and thereby reducing the water vapor transmission rate up to 50 %. The organic content of the layer allows for adhesion forces towards lamination adhesives that are more than 10 times higher compared to inorganic barrier coatings like Al2O3.


Speaker's Biography

Michiel Top studied Applied Physics at the University of Groningen. He finalized his Master Degree in 2015. After his studies, he moved to Germany to start on his PhD at the Fraunhofer Institute for organic electronics, electron beam and Plasma Technology. Within Fraunhofer FEP, he mainly works in the field of encapsulation for flexible organic electronics including work on lateral water vapor diffusion and mechanical robustness.


Michiel Top
Research PhD Student
Fraunhofer FEP