Michael McCreary - Flexible Electrophoretic Displays Go Big!

Session 3: Flexible Displays

Flexible Electrophoretic Displays Go Big!
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 
2:15 PM - 2:35 PM

Electrophoretic displays (EPD) are best known for their use in electronic book readers. Now, the use of flexible EPD technology is being expanded to large architectural applications, including some that are powered by flexible photovoltaics and using no storage batteries. Indoor and outdoor signage and white boards are other larger EPD applications recently launched. The latest developments in full color EPD technology will be described. Such displays include only one non-patterned electrophoretic ink layer, no CFA, and only one TFT backplane layer. Targeted future applications for such color and the advantages of flex color will be discussed.


Speaker's Biography

Michael McCreary is the Chief Technology Officer of E Ink Corporation where he leads a team of scientists in the creation of advanced reflective electronic displays. Innovations from the team have helped enable broad acceptance of daylight readable electronic readers and are also now helping to enable flexible fitness wearables, electronic shelf labels, signage, and enhanced visual effects for architecture. Dr. McCreary received his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with additional training in solid-state physics and electronics at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Prior to joining E Ink in 2000, he was the general manager of the Microelectronics Technology Division at Eastman Kodak that developed high performance solid state image sensors for astronomy, space, industrial inspection and other applications. Dr. McCreary serves on the Governing Council of the SEMI / FlexTech, an industry consortium related to the development and application of flexible and hybrid electronics.


Michael McCreary
E Ink