MEMS & Sensors Industry Group™ Pre-Conference Symposium at Sensors Expo 2017

MEMS & Sensors Industry Group
Pre-Conference Symposium 


Co-located with:

“Creating and Capturing Value in the
MEMS and Sensors Ecosystem” 


Conference and Expo: June 28-29, 2017
Pre-Conference Symposia: June 27, 2017
McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, CA

This pre-conference symposium presented by MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) will provide an overview of the MEMS and sensors industry including a highlight of current trends, opportunities and challenges to maximizing value.  Topics will cover the hardware to generate the data but also delve deeper into the world of sensor algorithms, machine learning and data analytics, which are hot areas today to provide rich end to end solutions.

According to a research conducted by Yole Développement, the worldwide MEMS market in 2014 was more than US$11 billion, growing to reach $20 billion by 2020 with 30 billion shipped units. MEMS and sensors are already ubiquitous. Companies in the MEMS and sensors supply chain are plentiful, competitive, and innovative. As threats of commoditization, consolidation and competition increase, the impetus to gain as much value from MEMS and sensors is increasing. 

Companies are positioning themselves as both hardware and software providers, selling chips along with the algorithms and sensor fusion to enable system integration, maximize value, and remain competitive. Some are calling it a “new virtuous cycle” wherein companies are using less silicon and more brain. Sensor companies are looking for opportunities to exploit the data analytics of sensor data and participate in that revenue potential as well as utilizing sensor fusion to reduce power consumption requirements and maximize performance. Understanding how to create and capture the value in the MEMS and sensors ecosystem is becoming increasingly important.

How do companies innovate to make integration easier and create higher revenues?  What verticals provide the biggest opportunity for growth? What challenges to value exist across the markets? Which companies are blazing the trail for innovation and revenue generation and how are they doing it? How can traditional semiconductor companies also participate in this explosive growth of MEMS & Sensors, particularly in the Internet of Things? What is unique to the MEMS and sensors ecosystem? Come to the MSIG pre-conference symposium to learn how to increase collaboration, innovation, investment and understanding of MEMS and sensors’ diverse value-add. 


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Pre-Conference Symposium 1: Creating and Capturing Value in the MEMS and Sensors Ecosystem

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